Is Your Work Ethic Worthy of Telecommuting?


An issue of Harvard Business School’s On Point magazine ran an article for managers on telecommuting. One of the first recommendations it made in developing a telecommuting program, is determining the employee’s quality of work and character. The issue of trusting employees to work in a home setting is foremost in many employers’ minds and according to the Telework Research Network, is one of the main reasons why many companies that could allow telecommuting don’t. To convince your boss to let you work at home or to be hired to work at home, you need to prove you have the talent and work ethic to be successful. Here are some tips to ensure you are telecommuting worthy:

1. Self-discipline. There are many distractions at home. You need to be able to work independently, finding ways to stay motivated and disciplined away from a traditional work setting.

2. Preparation. You need to anticipate and fill your needs. Your boss isn’t going to want to hear your work is late because your printer is out of ink.

3. Accountability. Working at home doesn’t mean there aren’t others who are relying on you to get work done well and on time.

4. Timeliness. Not all work-at-home jobs are flexible. Many want you at your desk set hours of the day. Even jobs that are flexible will have deadlines that you need to meet.

5. Communication. Out of sight can mean out of mind with many managers. Make an effort to stay in touch through formal and informal methods including email, phone and internal net communication systems.

Working at home is and should be a perk given to employees who are conscientious workers. Prove your telecommuting worth by being a productive and trustworthy.

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