Job Action Day: Use Your Story to Get the Job


Today is Job Action Day, which this year has a theme of telling your story. According to the Job Action Day website, “In a highly competitive job market, job-seekers need every advantage possible. One of the greatest tools to gain an advantage is the use of storytelling — so that it is YOUR story that not only helps an employer remember you and your accomplishments, but also gets you the job.”

The idea of using story to sell yourself to an employer may sound odd, but in fact, it’s a great way to stand out. People like and identify with stories. Further, it’s a great way to share who you are as an individual and convey your personal brand. I’ve long said that most people view a resume as a list of accomplishments,when instead it’s a marketing document. And some of the best marketing tells a story.

So how do you tell your job story? Well, it’s not “Once upon a time…” or “It was a dark and stormy night…”. But it does suggest a beginning with a challenge and information about how you dealt with it. For example, once I was a mom who wanted to stay home with my kids, but I couldn’t afford it. Then one day, I realized I could use my skills, talents and interests to make money from home. I realized I wasn’t alone in my quest to work from home, and eventually I started sharing what I’d learned and helping others find or create home-based careers.

Over at Quintessential Careers, there is a great article on using storytelling in your job pursuit of a job. Check it out and create your own story, using resources such as LinkedIn, blogging, Pinterest and other creative storytelling tools to share your story and get hired.

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