Kristen Hinman Works At Home Helping Others Find Lasting Fame


With over 8 years in the PR industry, Kristen Hinman experienced first-hand what it takes to move a personality or brand from unknown to known. She does it time and time again.

Kristen points out that PR is a powerful tool for exposure and recognition, but the journey doesn’t end with getting known…that’s only the starting point.

The bottom line is that if you want to find lasting success, you must channel your celebrity momentum into a strategic plan that positions you in today’s world.

1) How did you get started working from home?

I launched a digital PR agency in the spring of 2016 after moving from California to Oregon.

2) How did you choose the work-at-home career you do? 

I have a background in PR and knew the industry was changing. It’s also a very demanding job requiring travel, media appearances and in-person events. My oldest daughter was also about a year old, and I was craving to be outdoors more and to take back control of my own schedule

3) How did you get started (basic initial steps)? 

The move was the catalyst for the start. I started looking in local publications as soon as I moved for articles, advertisements, anything about local businesses that caught my eye. I began reaching out to local businesses who were getting press and letting them know what I did.

4) How did you get your first client or customer or job? 

Part of my outreach was also contacting past clients and contacts. I called everyone I could think of and through that ended up getting my first 2-3 clients.

5) How do you market your business? 

Currently, I proactively market my business through a combination of video marketing strategies, direct mail, phone call follow-ups and online content.

6) What does your usual day look like? 

I now have 2 daughters and I really focus on spending my mornings with them. I usually drop them off to their respective day cares/preschool and either workout or take a walk outside. Most days I am in my home office around 9 or 10 a.m. depending on the day.

7) What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started? 

I am an introvert at heart and love working at home determining my day. BUT I also needed to create my own structure and find like minded people who were doing similar things. Working alone can be rewarding and isolating, but it doesn’t have to be.

8) What advice would you give someone who wants to work from home? 

Have your own dedicated space that’s private, as in – you’re able to close the door. Pick 1-3 big tasks you want to accomplish each day. Block off time for them in your calendar. Stick to it! Adjust as needed. Take breaks every 60-90 minutes. When you’re out of your office for the day, leave the work there.

Find Kristen Hinman Online:

Website: Peare Media
Facebook: Peare Media
Instagram: Kristen Hinman
LinkedIn: Kristen Hinman

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