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I didn’t initially start out to work from home. When I my kids were babies, I wanted to be an at-home mom. Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford to live on one income (mostly because of debt). So I began to research my options. I came across an article talking about a book, Shattering the Two Income Myth (it’s old, but if you can find it, it’s cheap and offers great tips). Through it I learned how much two jobs in a family costs, and ideas for how to live on one income.

I wasn’t able to save enough to stay home without working, which, I suppose, is okay because it led me to create Work-At-Home Success. At that time, saving money was possible, but not as easy as it is now. Further, there weren’t savings programs that actually paid you to use them.

Today, it’s different. I use a program that pays money into my son’s college account. I use programs to find the best deals online and while I’m in the grocery store. I shop an online store through which I’ve referred enough people that I’m paid an income that covers my monthly shopping.

The point of today’s article is that it’s much easier and faster to afford to stay home if you find ways to save money, as well as make it. Imagine saving and getting cash for grocery shopping or watching TV. All these resources are free, offer easy sign up through social media or email, and have smartphone apps to make saving and earning easy.


If you’re concerned about eating healthy, then BerryCart is the grocery resource for you. You’ll find savings on organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, etc foods that can be used at your favorite stores and learn a little bit about healthy eating. Buy the item, snap a picture of the receipt, and earn money in your PayPal account or get gift cards.

Learn more about BerryCart

BTW…if you like safe, natural home, body and health and wellness products, you might consider Melaleuca, as well. While this program is different from other items on the list, it does pay you income when you refer other customers. A few referrals and your order can be covered. Or you can build a life-sustaining income. I’ve been a customer for over 10 years, and love it. Contact me if you want to know more.


This program is an oldie but goodie. You may have seen commercials for it on TV. Through the Ebates’ portal, you’re able to shop your favorite online retailer (over 1,800), get extra savings, use coupons, and earn a rebate. Ebates will send you your rebate in the mail or to your PayPal account. Other perks include a mobile app, the cash back button if you forget to shop through Ebates first, and rewards/bonuses for referring others. If you’re a regular online shopper, you’re first place to go should be Ebates.

Learn more about Ebates


Ibotta offers some great rebates, but you have to remember to check the app to earn them.  Select a reward (i.e. $3.00 for product), do a task, such as watch a video. and then go shopping. When you purchase the item, submit your receipt and then earn cash back. Once you’ve earned $5 (which can do quickly as many products have several dollars in rewards), you can have it deposited into your PayPal account. You can earn more by referring other users.

Learn about Ibotta


Sometimes reward programs are time consume. If you feel that way, you’ll want to check out Paribus. Peribus will scan your email receipts, determine if you could have paid a lower price elsewhere, let the merchant know about the lower price, and credit your account with the difference. It’s free to sign up. Paribus takes a percentage of your savings return. You can earn higher percentages by sharing on social media and referring new users. Although I’m new to this program, I liked how quick and easy it was to sign up, and the fact that it does the research and merchant contacting for me.

Learn more about Paribus here.


I love earning discounts and money-back on stuff I already do and grocery shopping is something I do a lot. SavingStar allows you earn cash back from shopping at your favorite stores online and off. Find offers online, link your loyalty cards, and shop. You’ll need to scan your receipt for purchases not linked through your loyalty card. You can shop online through it’s portal (like Ebates) or use the SavingStar toolbar in your browser for savings when you shop online. There is a $5 payout threshold that is paid into your bank or PayPal.

Learn more about SavingStar


Find great deals on the stores you regularly shop at, plus earn “kicks” that can be redeemed for gift cards. Kicks can be earned by entering a store, making a purchase, doing tasks such as scanning a bar code, and referring others. The app is available on iPhone and Android.

Learn more about Shopkick


Like Ebates, Swagbucks has been around for awhile and is popular among couponers and mom bloggers. It started as an online program, but like most other programs, now has iPhone and Android apps. Earn swag just for signing up, and more for completing tasks such as watching a video, doing surveys and more. You can use Swagbucks for your search to earn more swag. You can redeem your swag bucks for gift cards at places like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target and more.

Learn more about Swagbucks


Do you have clothing items you could consign or sell through eBay, but just don’t want the hassle of consigning or listing (and shipping) them? Then ThreadUp is a great option. It works much like some of the old book swap and electronic gadget programs work in that you order a kit into which you put quality used clothes and ship it back. If it accepts your items, it pays either an upfront fee or it sells on consignment and pays after the sale. It’s possible that your items won’t meet ThreadUp standards, in which case you can get your items back (for a fee) or have them donated (for free). Using the latter choice means you don’t have to deal with them. Plus, you can use your earnings to shop for great deals on name brand used items. There are tons of other perks, such as getting free money to your account to spend at ThreadUp (for example, give away a $10 spending coupon and earn a $10 spending coupon for yourself)! You can get a $10 credit just for signing up (using the link below). I wish there was a site like this for all the unused items in my house.

Learn more about ThreadUp


If you have a child heading off to college, Upromise is a great way to earn cash back for your child’s education. It works like Ebates, in that it’s a shopping portal from which you can shop and earn cash into your account. Plus you can link your credit/debit cards to your account and earn cash when dinging out, getting gas and other purchases. You can also have family members join and their use of Upromise can earn cash for your child.

Learn more about Upromise


If you watch TV, you’ll want this app. Simply download and then “check in” when you watch TV. Earn points watching TV, becoming a “fan” of a show, listening to music using song match, doing surveys, and referring friends.  Plus you can connect with other fans. Redeem points for electronics, trips, gift cards or entry into sweepstakes.

Learn more about Viggle

Don’t forget other create savings and cash back options. For example, does your grocery store loyalty program offer fuel points to save on gas. Does your credit card offer reward points or cash back? CVS offers extra care bucks that can be used like money in their stores. Are you a Starbucks fan like me? Get the app and make your purchases through the app to earn free drinks, savings and other cook perks.  There are lots of ways today to save money and earn perks. You just have to watch for them and take the time to use them.

Are there any programs you love that I missed? Please let me know in the comments below!!

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Make and Save Money Doing Everyday Tasks

  1. Cathy says

    Walmart has a great Savings Catcher program. I have used it almost 2 years now and have gotten about $300 back so far.
    Also I love the Receipt Hog app. You just snap photos of your receipts and you get points that you can trade in for an Amazon gift card or have money deposited directly in your account. I have been using them a year now and so far have made over $100 from them.

    1. LTruex says

      Thank you for sharing your ideas Cathy. There are tons of options and it’s hard for me to keep track of them all, so I appreciate your sharing what works for you. Thanks again.

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