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I recently read that over 80 percent of people believe they have a book in them. Unfortunately, the majority won’t write their book. Those that do, only a handful will succeed in attracting a publisher. And fewer still will actually make any money at it.

Fortunately, authors who get their books written now have a viable, affordable alternative to traditional publishing. With paving the way, authors can now digitally publish their books for Kindle, Nook, i-products and more making their books available to millions of readers.

ePublishing is the shiny, new work-at-home option you’re hearing a lot about, but like any money-making program, success depends on you. Despite what some epublishing programs would have you think, you can’t just slap together a book, post it on Amazon with a few good keywords and make tons of money. To be a successful epublisher you need to:

1. Write a quality book. Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, it needs to be interesting and/or helpful and well-written.

2. Have it professionally edited. Don’t think a few typos don’t matter? They do, especially to readers who pay money for a professional book. You and your family and friends of readers won’t find all the errors. Trust me on this.

3. Create an attractive, attention-getting cover. The cover is the first thing that stops a reader from browsing to focus on a book. This is another area where it pays to hire a professional.

4. Write an attention-grabbing description. After checking out the cover, readers read the description to see if they want to buy the book. Boring ho-hum descriptions will send them off to the next book. If you write fiction, read the descriptions of other similar books to see how writers explain the book in a way that lures the reader in. If you write non-fiction, write like a marketer, accentuating the benefits the reader will get from reading the book.

5. Select appropriate keywords. What words will readers use to find your book? Don’t use other book titles or author’s names as that will violate TOS on Amazon.

6. Market your book. Just because your book is on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and/or iBooks, doesn’t mean people will buy it. Determine who your readers are and where they can be found. Use a variety of marketing strategies, such as blogging, social media, guest blogging, and publicity to reach your readers.

Are you ready to publish your book? I recently added Digital Author Success to Work-At-Home Success University. This four-week course covers everything you need to know about writing, preparing and publishing an ebook to Kindle, Nook and other platforms, and making money at it. You’ll learn:

Week 1 – Ebook Overview and Set-Up: Get writing tips and learn how to start getting fans even before your book is published.

Week 2 – Preparing Your Book: Learn how to get feedback on your work for free, how to find a professional editor, basic formatting, cover creationg and how to get an ISBN (for free!)

Week 3 – Publishing Your eBook: Step-by-step instruction for formatting and uploading your ebook to major distributers, such as Kindle. Plus you’ll learn how to write a sales-generating description, choose keywords and tags to help readers find your book, and pricing strategies.

Week 4 – Marketing Your Book (and Making Sales): Discover how to get reviews and learn more marketing strategies to make sales.

Visit Digital Author Success to learn more and start the course!

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