Make Money Online Decluttering Your Home the KonMari Way (Free Worksheet)


Discover how to make money online when you declutter your home!

Back in 2017, I did a post on how you can make money spring cleaning, and referenced The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it’s follow-up book with illustrations, Spark Joy, both by Marie Kondo. Recently, Kondo has had a resurgence in popularity with her new NetFlix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

 Years ago, when I’d be running short of income, I often sold stuff on eBay and my books on Amazon. There were many times I went through my house finding stuff I didn’t want or need, listed them online, and made a few hundred dollars.

Today, there are tons of sites where you can sell your used items, such as DVD’s, childrens clothing and accessories, pet items, and even your college notes!

Maybe you don’t need the extra money, but you want an incentive to declutter the home. Cleaning and decluttering is no fun; however, if you knew some of your stuff could make money, sorting through it could be more fun or at least profitable.

While the KonMari method, as Mari Kondo calls it, offers some new ideas for decluttering, it still requires making decisions about whether to keep or get rid of something, and if you’re going to get rid of it, will you trash it or donate it, or for the purpose of this article, sell it.

Below is an overview of the KonMari method, or you can simply use your own decluttering system.

Then use the checklist provided to write items you want to sell, how much you think they’re worth, where you plan to list them (see list below), and keep track of what sells and for how much.

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, so as you go through your items, don’t too quickly dismiss things that you might be able to sell.

Basic Tenants of the KonMari Method

The idea behind the KonMari method is to only have stuff in your home that sparks joy. The reality is, while we like our stuff, often it can make us feel disorganized, stressed, tired, and overwhelmed. The goal is to have a home that inspires you, not bring you down.

The basic KonMari system is to pick a category of stuff, such as clothes, toss them all in a pile in the middle of the room, and then go through each piece, holding it tight and asking yourself, “Does this spark joy for me?” If it does, keep it, if it doesn’t toss it.

Stuff is categorized into four basic categories; clothing, books, paper, and Komono which is miscellaneous stuff and sentimental items.

Depending on how much stuff you have, tossing it all in the middle of the room could be a problem. If this is the case, my suggestion is to use a subcategory. Instead of tossing ALL your clothes in your room into a pile, focus on just what’s in the closet or just what’s hanging in the closet. Then another time, focus on your shoes or what’s in your drawers.

Using the Make Money Decluttering Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help you keep track of items you think you can sell. There are some things, obviously, you won’t be able to sell, such as your old receipts. However, there are still many categories of items that you can sell.

The second page of the printable is a sub-category list if you’d like to declutter in smaller batches. I’ve tried to cover all bases, but the list isn’t exhaustive so you might need to create your own category.

Here’s how to use the worksheet:

  1. Download the worksheet and print out as many copies of the first page worksheet as you think you’ll need.
  2. Check what main category you’re decluttering (clothes, books, paper, Komono)
  3. Indicate a subcategory (page two of the worksheet) if you’re using one, such as “dresses” or “electronics.”
  4. Pile everything into the middle of the room (or a large space where you can go through it) and hold each item deciding if it sparks joy (keep) or not. If it doesn’t, make the decision if you’ll trash it, donate it or sell it.
  5. Either write down the sell items as you come across them, or make a “sell” pile.
  6. Using the resources below, go through each of your sell items and determine how much you think you can get for it, and where you’ll list it for sale.
  7. List your items at the sites you’ve indicated.
  8. When your items sell, mark the check box in the sold column and indicate what you sold it for.

Once you’ve got your get-rid-of pile, you can use the resources below to sell them for quick cash.

Make Money Decluttering!

Sell Just About Anything allows you to sell more than books. (NOTE: If you’re wanting a one-stop-shop to sell your stuff, Amazon is your best resource and if your items qualify, you can even use Amazon FBA which will not only take payment, but also ship your items for you as well. Learn more about Amazon FBA here)

Bonanza offers itself as an eBay alternative for selling just about anything.

eBay has long been a great resource for selling just about anything. If you don’t want to hassle with selling your various items at different places, eBay offers a great one-shop option.

eBid is another eBay-like auction option for selling your used items. It offers free listings and fees of only 3%.

iOffer is another eBay-like site where you can sell your stuff and buyers can make an offer or buy items in many categories.

Listia allows you to trade used items. You won’t earn money, but you’ll get credit that you can use to get free stuff listed on the site.

Mercari is a phone app through which you can sell just about anything.  Snap a picture of your item, list it on Mercari, and sell it.

Oodle is an online classified ad market place similar to Craigslist where you can sell just about anything. It focuses on buying/selling in your local area. offers an online marketplace to sell your used items. Fees charged are based on the type and value of product you’re selling.

uBid is another eBay-like option. It’s geared toward businesses and requires an application.

Varagesale is a resource for selling locally. Started by a mother who found selling used items online tedious, she got her husband to create a resource that made it easier. Plus it makes it easy for you to let people know about your items through social media integration.

Sell Used Art/Photos

ArtPal is like Etsy for artists. If you paint, sculpt, make jewelery, take photos and do other crafts, try out Art Pal. Of course Etsy is another good choice for artists and crafters.

BigStockPhoto allows you to sell your digital photos. Check out WAHS’s article, “How and Where to Sell Your Photos” for 14 other places you can sell your photos.

Sell Used Books allows you post your used book for sell right a long with the new version.

BookFinder allows you to sell your books and textbooks.

BookScouter is a resource for selling used textbooks. is owned by eBay and a resource specifically for selling used books.

Cash4Books will pay you for your used books. Enter the ISBN, get a quote and if you like it, use the prepaid shipping label to send it in.

Powell’s allows you to sell your books for cash or store credit.

Sell Back Your Book will buy your book in good condition as well as pay for shipping to them.

Sell Used Clothing

ASOS is a UK resource for selling fashion that appeals to 20-somethings.

BagBorrowOrSteal is a resource for selling luxury handbags and accessories.

Fashionphile is another place to sell your handbags and accessories.

Just Between Friends is ideal if you have maternity wear and baby items. You do need to bring your items to a local sales event, so it’s not completely from home. But at least you don’t have to ship items. Just Between Friends also offers income opportunities to earn a percentage of the sales made at it’s events by helping out.

Kindermint will buy your baby and children’s clothes up to size 8. You order a free special packet or bag, fill it with clothes and send it in. There are quality requirements, so read the information carefully.

Material Wrld doesn’t pay cash, but does offer a trade-in card that you can use to shop for clothes.

Poshmark is a phone app for selling clothing and accessories. Along with buying and selling name-brand clothing, there are other cool features such as Posh Parties, pre-paid (stamp) labels, and more.

Recycle Your Fashions works through consignment and offers $25 referal bonuses.

The RealReal offers luxury consignment and a $25 signup credit.

SNOBSWAP is a consignment shop for designer clothes and accessories.

ThreadUp works much like Kindermint in that you order a kit into which you put quality used clothes and ship it back. If it accepts your items, it pays either an upfront fee or it sells on consignment and pays after the sale. It’s possible that your items won’t meet ThreadUp standards, in which case you can get your items back (for a fee) or have them donated (for free). You can use your earnings to shop for great deals on name brand used items. There are tons of other perks, such as getting free money to your account to spend at ThreadUp (for example, give away a $10 spending coupon and earn a $10 spending coupon for yourself)! You can get a $10 credit just for signing up.

Tradesy allows you to sell your used clothes and accessories.

Vaunte offers the ability to sell brand-name items through it’s online shop.

Yoogi’s Closet is another resource for luxury items.

Sell Used DVDs, CDs. Games

Abundatrade buys  CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, LPs, and console Video Games, but not PC games. Enter your item information and Abundatrade will determine it’s value and if it deems it worthy, will make an offer. It provides free shipping on CD, DVD, and Video Games trades with a combined value of at least $10.

Decluttr buys old DVDs, CDs and games. You can enter up to 10 items to send in, get the prepaid shipping label and put in the mail. Once Decluttr gets the items, you’ll get paid by check. is another place to sell your used DVDs, CDs and games. You can also try your local GameStop for selling your games.

SecondSpin has online and brick-and-mortar stores through which you can sell your used CDs, DVDs, BlueRay and games.

SellDVDsOnline buys CDs, DVDs, and games, and offers free shipping.

Sell Used Electronics

Most of these resources buy old electronics such as smart phones, tablets, computers, etc. Some will even buy broken devices and others will recycle the device if it has no monetary value. When you give information about your device, you’ll get a quote, and if you accept it, the company will send you a package and/or label to ship the item.


eCycle Best








Sell Used Jewelry

Ex-Boyfriend Jewelry will buy old jewelry and items that “should have been jewelry”. There doesn’t seem to be a requirement that the jewelry actually be from an ex though:) You’re limited to five items at time. Be sure to read the safe buying and selling information.

Sell Vintage, Collectible, and Antique Items

Etsy is most known for selling your craft or homemade items, but you can sell vintage (20 years or older) items there too.

RubyLane is a resource for selling vintage or antique items. From art to dolls to jewelry to furnishings and more, if it’s old, you can probably sell it at RubyLane.

The Internet Antique Shop (TIAS) is another resource for selling your antiques and collectibles.

Sell Used Wedding Dresses and Accessories



Sell My Wedding Dress

Sell Your College Notes

Have you made money decluttering your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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