6 Ways to Make Money with Your Recipes


Discover how you can turn your love of food into income with these 5 ways to make money with your recipes!

If you like to cook, try new foods, and develop your own recipes, then you may be able to turn your love of food into income. Here are some ways you can make money with your knowledge of food:

Sell Your Recipes

My Recipe Magic: This site pays you each time someone views your recipe. It also provides a link back to your site if you happen to run a food blog. In fact, you can use the site’s “Magic Button” to post the recipe from My Recipe Magic to your site, so that you can get paid views. Once you upload your recipe, it takes a couple of days to review and publish it. And you need to actively promote the recipe to get clicks. The site provides tracking so you can see how many clicks you’re getting and how much you’re earning. Learn more at My Recipe Magic.

Recipay: This site allows you to submit recipes using brand names and get paid. Choose a food challenge, create and upload the recipe and earn $10 to $15 once validated. This is a French site, but it does appear to have English and U.S. payment. The FAQ and Help were in French though. You can learn more at Recipay.

Submit Receipts for Money to Magazines

Make money with your recipes by submitting them to magazines. Food and cooking magazines need great recipes and many will pay you for them. You can submit recipes for money or you can get paid to write recipes.

  • EatingWell pays up to $1 per word for recipes and cooking articles it accepts.
  • Cooking Light pays $50 for recipes it accepts, and includes a T-shirt.
  • Cuisine at Home pays $50 for cooking tips it publishes.

For more magazines that buy recipes, you can use resources like the Writers Market or Magazines.com to find cooking magazines. Visit the magazine’s website to find out if and how you can submit your recipe.

Recipe Contests

I wouldn’t rely on contests to pay the bills, but it can be a great source of mad money. Taste of Home has recipe contests that can include your recipe appearing in the magazine.

Check out Contest Cook for a list of recipe contests. You can also try Cooking Contest Central, but it charges for access to it’s contests.

Write a Cookbook

It’s difficult to get a book traditionally published without a platform, but self-publishing has become so affordable that it’s a great option to sell to your recipes. Here are some resources to check out that can give more details on writing, publishing and selling a cookbook:

6 Ways to Make Money with Your RecipesStart a Food Blog

Blogging takes time to generate income, but it’s a great way to make money from a variety of sources. For example, with a food blog you can post your submissions to My Recipe Magic and then embed the recipe using the “Magic Button” for paid clicks.

You can also create a sell your own cookbooks. Finally, you can include advertising in the form of contextual ads (i.e. Google Adsense), affiliate marketing, or selling ad space directly. Learn more about making money with a blog by checking out my book, Digital Writer Success: How to Make a Living Blogging, Freelance Writing and Publishing. Also, check out Nicole Dean’s How to Start a Recipe Blog: Make Money Sharing Your Cooking Successes and Disasters.

Start a Youtube Channel

Similar to a blog, a YouTube cooking channel provides a variety of ways to make money. While blogs offers a printable recipe, the advantage to a YouTube channel is the ability show how the cooking is done. This can be particularly helpful for challenging or unique cooking methods such as cake decorating.

More and more people have video assistants in their kitchens (i.e. Alexa or Google Home Hub) that will bring up cooking video tutorials (I do this a lot when I’m cooking.)

Money can be made through several options including affiliate programs (i.e. recommending certain food brands or cooking tools), sponsorships and ads, and YouTube’s ads when you reach sufficient views and subscribers.

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