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If you can string words together coherently and are willing to learn a little about keywords and SEO, you can earn money writing articles and blog posts online. What you don’t need is a journalism or English degree. You don’t even necessarily need professional experience in writing. All you need is the ability to write clearly and concisely.

Because content is king, websites and blogs need well-written informative or entertaining articles to help them attract traffic. These articles tend to be shorter, 400 to 600 words, so they’re quick to write.

The fun part of writing online is that the range of topics are endless. I see writing gigs that cover weddings, fashion, automotive, gardening, health, fitness, business, legal, pets, parenting and more. The downside is that the pay isn’t that great compared to freelance writing for print. Further, the market is competitive, which means it’s a little harder to break in.

Here are some tips to getting started writing online:

1) Make a list of topics you’re knowledgeable about. Online markets need content on just about everything, so don’t leave any idea out.

2) Create a sample article that you can use as a submission. If you’ve already written articles online, make a list of the URLs your writing appears that you can use for clips.

3) Search for writing opportunities. Below, I’ve included a list of places that frequently look for writers or where you can find more writing work.

4) Apply frequently and often. Like other forms of home based work, it can take a long time to hear back about a writing job you applied to. The best way around this is to keep applying until you do hear back.

5) Strive to only write for places that pay at least $15 per 400 words. It’s still low for the value of writing, but it’s a place to start to build a portfolio that can lead to higher paying gigs. Don’t write for less than that because it’s not doable to make a living writing for peanuts.

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Writing Job Sources – Hires writer “experts” in a variety of areas including soap operas, parenting and more. Not only do guides write, but they blog and manage the topic area. Some knowledge of WordPress (for blogging) and HTML is helpful. The process is long, but the pay is one of the best for online writing. Along with a standard rate, you can earn bonuses for increasing traffic to your site. Pay is once a month by direct deposit or check.

Demand Studio – Hires writers and editors in a variety of topics. It works with other resources such as newspapers, eHow and LIVESTRONG to provide content. At one time, it was fairly easy to get hired, but the quality desired is higher now. Editors are getting tougher as well. The pay is $7.50 to $30 depending on the topics you’re approved to write. You can write as much or as little of the titles you’re approved to cover. Some writers write up to 10 articles a day making $150 to $300 a day (this isn’t typical). One good thing is that Demand Media pays twice a week! Because the number of titles ebbs and flows, you’ll want to find other income options and not put all your eggs in the Demand Media basket.

Internet Brands – Provides content to a variety of websites in several topic areas. The pay depends on the site and topic. For example, the health site paid $40 to $45 for articles in a short-term project, while a parenting site pays $25 in an ongoing project. Sometimes you’ll be given topics and other times you can suggest them. The pay is once a month either by check or direct deposit.

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Places to Find Writing Jobs

Digital Writer Success posts articles about writing online, plus sends writing jobs, freelance markets and publishers weekly in the newsletter. Sign up for the free newsletter to get a report with many paying writing markets and resources for writing jobs.

Writers Weekly posts jobs every Wednesday

Freelance Writing Gigs posts jobs daily

Problogger has a job board for blog content. You can find some really interesting topics such as pets and celebrity gossip.

Media Bistro requires registration, but the basic services are free. It posts a variety of writing and media-related jobs.

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