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I think of myself as an accidental writer. I never had a goal to write a book or earn an income writing. In fact, if you’d asked me about writing 20 years ago, I’d have said, “No way!” Growing up I wasn’t an avid reader and except for a little fan fiction, only wrote when my teachers required it. And yet here I am, working at home making a living writing on the Internet.

I’m not going to say you don’t need talent to write, but writing for the digital world is a skill that can be learned. Writing for the Internet is very different than writing for the traditional print world. It’s short, concise and engaging. If you can write like that, odds are you can make money at it.

There are several ways to make money writing online including:

1) Freelance writing for online media. Some of these writing gigs are ongoing, while others you need to pitch articles ideas just as you would for print magazines.

2) Freelance writing for businesses. This type of writing can encompass one or all forms of copywriting including creating sales pages or ads, writing articles or blog posts, creating press releases or white papers, or writing website content.

3) Blogging. You can make money through blogs you create or you can get paid to write for other people’s blogs.

4) ePublishing. Ebooks continue to grow in popularity. One of the advantages of ebooks is that they are cheap to produce, which means they can be just about any length (traditional publishers usually have a minimum and maximum page account they allow). You can write non-fiction or fiction. Further, there are online publishers that will publish for you much in the same way traditional publishers do or you can self-publish.

I do all of the above, which is another great advantage to writing online. I write about exercise, nutrition, small business, careers and parenting. I’ve been paid to write short celebrity bios and true crime reports. I blog on my own sites and a few other blogs. I’m traditionally and self-publisheded both in print and ebooks. Everyday I’m writing something new and that makes work interesting.

The digital world is changing publishing much in the same way it changed music. It’s not all good, but it has created opportunities for people like me who didn’t envision a life of writing, but want to make a living working at home. It also allows writers to have greater control over their books. To help people understand, learn about and navigate the world of digital writing, I created a site, Digital Writer Success. It’s free to use and offers articles on freelance writing, blogging and epublishing. I hope you’ll check it out and sign up for the email list to get a free report with several online markets and writing job sources, plus email updates, tips, tools and resources.

Don’t forget to check out Work-At-Home Success University’s two new course, Make Money Writing Online and Digital Author Success (publishing on Kindle, Nook etc).

  1. Tiffany says

    Hi Leslie. First, let me start off by saying, thank you! I love your website and all of the helpful information you provide. I have been interested in a “Work From Home” job for some time now. I have been researching for awhile and I believe that I would be a great blogger. I am married with 3 kids, and have so much to talk about. I am personable, energetic, fun, and am great at telling stories. I guess the thing I am having the most difficult time with is how to get started. I am more of a visual person, so reading about it, is taking me more time to get it. I purchased a class through WAHS University, and it took me to a website where I created an account that was like a bank account. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and not even sure if that’s where I needed to be. I didn’t give any personal information nor did they ask for any. Would it be possible to get some direction on where I need to go, or what I need to do first? What are some things that I should consider before starting? How did you get started? Thank you so much for your time and I appreciate all of the information!

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Tiffany, I’m so glad you’re finding value at WAHS. I’m not sure about the site that’s like a bank account you mentioned. What WAHS course did you take? Was the site PayPal? I can’t help there without more information. If you’re talking about blogging for income, you might want to check out my other site, Digital Writer Success (here’s a link to all the blogger information: or you can get the Blogging course at WAHS University that will walk you step by step. The key to success in blogging is good content posted regularly and finding your market. For example, there are a lot of mom blogs, so what could be different about yours that would stand out? You have to market your blog to help people find you. The more good visitors you have to your blog, the more likely you’ll make money. I always feel the first steps involve research and planning. But don’t get bogged down in them. At some point you need to actually start. I hope that helps!

  2. Tiffany says


    I purchased the blogging course. I went through PayPal. I will take a look at the other website you mentioned above. Thank you again for the tips!

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