Make Up to $22 Per Hour Teaching Children English Online


There are many opportunities to tutor and teach online, but VIPKID* not only is actively recruiting, but also, it tends to pay pretty well compared to other online flexible teaching/tutoring jobs…up to $22 per hour.

Plus, right now it’s offering some fun incentives to apply.

Here is information about VIPKID’s jobs and requirements, and how you can take advantage of its recruitment special.

What is VIPKID?

VIPKID helps Chinese children, ages 4 to 12 years old, learn English through online tutoring and teaching. Students and teachers work one-on-one through video conferencing.

Teachers/tutors can set their own schedule, working as few as 7 or 8 hours a week. However, you can work more if you like.

What is VIPKID’s schedule?

You can set your own schedule. VIPKID asks that you work 15 classes (25 minute classes) which comes to 7.5 hours a week. However, you can work more. There is no limit to how much you can work.

With that said, you’re working with children in China, so your times will be limited to when they’re available. Also, while you can set your schedule, you need to show up at the times you set. Parents, students, and VIPKID expect you to be on time and prepared for your classes (as any employer would).

What is required to work for VIPKID?

VIPKID prides itself on working with highly qualified teachers/tutors. Many regular classroom teachers are suplementing their income by working for VIPKID. However, you don’t have to be a practicing teacher to work for VIPKID. While the company prefers someone with at least a year of some sort of teaching, tutoring, mentoring or classroom assistant, it’s website says the only requirement is to have a bachelor’s degree. (I have seen that they may take college students, but I can’t find that information, so it may have changed.)

Along with a degree, VIPKID has technical requirements:
1) Computer (with the processing speed to handle video conferencing)
2) Headset
3) Webcam
4) High speed Internet
5) Latest version of Flash (this is free).

You can live anywhere that you have access to the above technical tools.

What is the application process?

Because VIPKID markets iteself as having highly qualified teachers/tutors, it has a fairly involved application process that includes:

1. Submitting a resume to VIPKID
2. Doing a one-on-one interview or recorded interview to showcase your teaching skills.
3. Training where you’ll watch videos to learn about VIPKID’s technology, standards, and curriculum (Common Core)
4. Teaching a mock class
5. Signing a contract
6. Booking your classes. VIPKID has a portal where you can put in your time slots and start getting students based on your schedule. (Note that these children are in China, so you’ll want to be available during times that Chinese children are up and available.)

VIPKID asks for at least a 6 month commitment from its teachers.

How much (and when and how) are VIPKID teachers paid?

VIPKID teachers are independent contractors, who are paid based on performance in 30 minute increments. They can also earn incentives. The base pay is $7 to $9 per 30 minutes ($14 to $18 per hour). You can earn incentives (up to $1 each) for participation (showing up and teaching the class) and finished classes. This brings potential pay to $9 to $11 per half-hour ($18 to $22 per hour). Teachers are evaluated at contract renewal, at which time they can receive a raise.

At the minimum 7.5 hours a week, you can earn $98 to $134, up to $165 per week. With an average of 4.2 weeks a month, that comes to $411 to $693 per month, which isn’t bad for extra income on the side. However, if you can work part-time (i.e. 20 hours a week), you can earn $280 to $440 a week, or $1,176 to $1,848 a month. And of course, that goes up the more time you’re able to put in.

Teachers are paid through direct deposit between the 10th and 15th of each month.

To learn more and apply, visit  VIPKID



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