Making Time to Achieve Work-At-Home Success


I once worked with a young mother whose goal in working at home was to be able to home-school her children. She started her home business while she still had a part-time job. She worked hard, making sure she put time into her business every day. She looked forward having more time for her business once she quit her part-time job. That day finally came. However, even though she had more time to put into her business, she actually worked less, reporting to me that she didn’t have time anymore.

Time is an interesting commodity. When it’s tight, we get more done. When we’ve got some to spare, we misuse it. Time is never changing. You have only 24 hours in a day. It’s how you use your time that dictates whether or not you’ll reach your goals. You may have a job, children, bills, obligations, etc, but if you truly want to work at home, you’ll MAKE the time.

Notice I didn’t say you’ll find the time. The reality is you won’t find time. Think about it. When do you have extra time for anything? If working at home is important to you, you have to prioritize and make time for it. Here are my tips for MAKING more time:

1) Make working at home a priority. It doesn’t have to be more important than family, but it should be more important than reality TV.

2) Schedule work-at-home time. Put it on the calendar.

3) Get up earlier or stay up later to gain extra time.

4) Give up some activities to make more time. Hobbies, leisure reading and television can take up hours…hours that you could be using to make money. You don’t have to give up fun forever. In fact, many people who reach their work-at-home goals end up having more play time.

The point is, you can’t wait for pockets of free time to work on your work-at-home goal. Those snippets of time are fleeting and irregular, and there is just no way you can build a home-based career on it.

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