1. Kathy
    March 16, 2010 @ 4:43 pm

    I am really trying to get a “work from home” job as are many others. I am having great difficulty creating a resume that I think will be good enough to get noticed. I have thought of using a resume writing website but find they are too expensive. It would seem that if I am in need of a job it would also make sense that I have very limited income/funds to use for this. For them to charge so much is like adding insult to injury! The jobs I have looked at usually require at least 2 yrs experience or something more than a high school diploma. In an effort to better my chances I have taught myself Open Office,MSO,typing and also have a certificate for a course in computing. It seems that even that is not enough. If no one is willing to give us a chance- how is this supposed to work? By the way will you be having any seminars/classes in the Lynchburg/Charlottesville area soon? I found out about the last one too late to attend. Any help you can give would be appreciated beyond words.”Thanks for listening”


    • LTruex
      March 17, 2010 @ 8:13 am

      Hi Kathy – It does seem like a catch-22 at times when it comes to job hunting. One thing I encourage people to do is to make sure you’re maximizing the skills you have and are considering all job options. You didn’t indicate what sort of job you’re applying to so I can’t offer any further suggestions on that. But limiting your search to just one type of job (i.e. transcription) limits all your possibilities. As far as the resume, I suggest that people remember that its a marketing tool, not just a list of accomplishments. Highlight your skills and experiences uses strong active verbs. Tailor the resume to each job type. Generic resumes won’t do.

      I have a Virtual Assistant Class coming up this month and an internet marketing class in April. I won’t be doing the jobs at home class live until fall. I just did a free teleseminar on work-at-home jobs…did you miss that too? I have several other resources on work-at-home jobs. I post jobs here weekdays and subscribers to my newsletter get jobs each Friday as well. You can also check out the Jobs Online Toolkit (http://www.jobsonlinetoolkit.com) which has information, directions, and resources on getting work-at-home jobs. It includes a list of over 300 companies that are frequently hiring.


  2. Kathy
    March 17, 2010 @ 9:02 am

    Thanks for your prompt response. I am looking for almost any work from home that I qualify for [and that will pay the bills,ha,ha]. I did miss the teleseminar. Is there a way to find out what information was covered? Where will the two classes be that you mentioned? I have learned from research that the resume must fit the job requirements. From looking at the skills I listed could you make any suggestions about what tyoe of jobs to look for? I have checked out some telecommunication jobs as well as everything from proofreading,transcription,writing,data processing,photography,office assistant,etc. So far nothing that I actually qualify for [experience,skills,education,etc]. Something I have noticed on some of the sites mentioned here is this: when you click on some of these-after reading a very long article about the company-when you get to the end there is the kicker-the fee for actually signing up for more info! They give you minimum info and then expect you to pay to access the important information. As stated before if one is looking for a job there is probably not a lot of money to spend on extras like that. I have learned to go ahead and scroll to the end so my time is not wasted. This is one reason among many that I like and really appreciate your site-you are obviously interested in helping and not just to make money.I have your book and the toolkit. They are quite valuable to me. The book is how I discovered your website. Thanks for your help and genuine concern.


    • LTruex
      March 18, 2010 @ 9:21 pm

      Kathy – Thank you for your kind words.My suggestion is to use the book and the toolkit to help guide you to jobs and create a resume that will appeal to employers. If you’re looking for employment, the only thing that’s okay to spend money on are a good legit job database (any that say typing or data entry are NOT good) and help with a resume. You may also need to buy equipment or software to do a job, but stay away from an “employer” that demands you buy its software or equipment. Legit employers don’t care where you get the equipment etc as long as you have what you need to do the job.


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