Market Your Home Business with Printed Materials


There is so much focus on Internet marketing, that many home-based businesses miss the opportunity to promote off-line. Off line marketing can be equally as affordable and effective as online promotions. Further, it can be viral. Customers and clients can pass along a business card as easily as they can share on Twitter or Facebook.

Print promotional materials are not limited to business cards and brochures, although those options are good. Calendars, magnets, notepads and even address labels can bring awareness to your business. Here are some great ways to use print promotional materials to build your home business.

Business cards: Junk the traditional business card for something people will keep, by offering a coupon, freebie or information that people want. For example, if you sell editing services, offer a discount or a free report on the most common writing mistakes.

Drop cards: These are the same size as business cards, but contain an offer and website and/or phone. For example, my drop card promotes free work-at-home job listings and includes the web address of Work-At-Home Success.

Calendars: Realtors and insurance people have been using calendars branded with their business for years. You can do the same.

Magnets: This is another tried and true promotional method. But again, make your magnet more than something people use to keep their shopping list on the fridge. Use it to provide helpful information or tips.

Car Magnets: How often do you decipher license plates and read bumper stickers on other cars? Drivers and passengers read stuff on cars. Give them something to read by having a car magnet. To encourage people to take notice, catch their eye and give them a reason to remember your phone number or URL such as a discount if they tell you what street they saw you on.

Even if your business is 100 percent online, you can benefit from off-line marketing through print materials. It’s too affordable and effective to ignore. In fact, you can save big with vistaprint coupon code and overnight prints coupon.

For best results, don’t be stingy. Your business or drop card won’t bring business if it doesn’t get into the hands of others. So instead of giving one, give two and ask the recipient to share with some who can benefit from your business.

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