Network Marketing: “Actively Seeking Customers?”


Are You Actively Seeking Customers in Your Network Marketing Business?


Let’s get real for a minute, you “think” you are actively seeking new customers and there aren’t any to be found. So, you trash can this business opportunity to join the next/newest business opportunity…because you know that you will be successful! Then it happens again and you find yourself jumping from one network marketing business to another and before you know it, you’ve been through five companies in three years!

Let’s back track for a moment and look at the opportunity you have right your hands. Let’s examine your D.A.L… you know, your Daily Activities List. Please tell me you are tracking your daily activities! If not, no worries, lets start today 🙂

Actively Seeking Customers is truly an art form that can be learned, as long as you are teachable and determined. By tracking your D.A.L you will be holding yourself (and your team) accountable, plus you’ll be able to see where you’re able to spend more time on the activities that are bringing you the biggest return on your investment (a R.O.I  does include your “time” investment.)

Here is a quick list for moving forward in your network marketing business and growing your customer base:

  1. Determine your daily work schedule (clock-in and clock-out if you have to in order to keep yourself accountable)
  2. Get clear on your target market (Not everyone will want what you have)
  3. Join a weekly networking group (a real person-to-person, face-to-face business group)
  4. Dedicate 1-2 per day for phone calls (start with your warm market)
  5. Breathe! Enjoy your network marketing business!


Stay positive and if you are truly working your schedule and keeping track of your activities and it’s still not working then seek business advice on perhaps finding the perfect business for your personality.

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