Network Marketing Coach: 5 Ways To Bring Awareness of You!


Network Marketing Coach: 5  Ways to Bring Awareness of You!

You joined a network marketing business {including direct sales} and you want to build a “BIG business”. You are dreaming of having a team of thousands who are eager to build their dream lives and you are gearing up to be the “perfect” leader. There’s one thing holding you back, it the fact that you don’t have a team yet! So, how do you go from a solo team leader with big dreams to a multi-team leader with a hugely successful team.

While working as a private publicity assistant for very successful business owners there were several actions that each business owner took to build their business. I was privileged to learn first hand how all actions must support the next in order to build their business. Just like building a staircase, you must start at the foundation and build upwards using the right tools and of course, having support.

  1. Journal: Know who you want to work with and keep a list. Not everyone you meet is the right fit for your business team so don’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone is going to be approachable or even teachable. Once you have an idea {this will evolve as you grow your business} you’ll be able to use this information to build your website and your brand.
  2. Website: Create your own website and brand yourself. Know what the policies of your company and then be sure to build your business brand around those perimeters. Not only will this branded website help you stand out from others in your profession, it will also be a place to call home for all of your celebrations, team meetings and information collaboration.
  3. Calendar: Schedule your work hours. You are now your own boss, secretary, assistant and publicist. That’s a lot of hats to be wearing every day and by keeping a calendar on-hand at all times you’ll save yourself and your budding team, a lot of headaches. Nothing wrecks your business like being unorganized.
  4. Collaboration: No one can build a business by themselves. Think about all the people you know, from the web and from your community, and set a time to meet. Networking with others is the fastest way to build your business contact list and to keep you moving towards your goals when things are going a little rough. I can’t stress enough how important relationships are for work at home professionals.
  5. Publicity: Do you have a plan? Do you have a website or blog? Who are you trying to reach with your business? Publicity can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people so picking just one at a time is fine, but if you can pick several to do on a consistent basis, then you’ll move a little faster towards your goals. My favorite publicity outlets include: contributing writer, podcast guest, publicity responses, networking events and authoring a book. Decide on your favorite ways to be seen or heard {better yet, both!} by your target customers and team members and then go for it!

What’s holding you back in your network marketing business? Are you on the fence about the company you chose? Are you struggling with your team and can’t figure out how to fix it? Are you looking to mainstream your business so communication with your team is on schedule and relevant?  Contact Stephanie Grams for your consultation!


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