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Here is a response to a question I get all the time about work-at-home jobs.


Dear Leslie,

Are there really no cost hiring? I want to either do data entry online simple ad placing or answer in bound calls. Where can I find the real thing with out paying for information?

Linda A.


Hi Linda,

The short answer to your question is yes; there is no cost hiring. In fact, the only legitimate hiring is at no cost. However, you may have some trouble finding the work you indicated unless you have experience. Most legitimate data entry jobs I find (which is very rare) require a typing test, sometimes special equipment and/or knowledge of a specific industry. I’d scratch ad placing off the list of options as I haven’t ever seen this offered as a legitimate job. In bound calls and customer service is probably your best bet but again, companies that are hiring for these jobs are looking for people with skills and possibly special equipment.

The reality of telecommuting is that you aren’t just going to sign up to work at home. Legitimate employers with home based jobs hire the same way traditional employers do. There will be an application process and possibly an interview or test. Therefore, you need to have a resume that outlines your skills and experiences in data entry and customer service. Plus it will help to have any necessary equipment such as high speed Internet, a second phone line, and phone headset.

When searching for these or any other type of telecommuting job, you need to search on job related sites. Use search terms such as “telecommute” or “work at home”. Watch out for biz ops and scams as these do get posted on job sites as well. The best way to avoid a scam or biz op is to remember that you NEVER, EVER pay to get hired.

There are some good work-at-home job databases that can be accessed for a fee. Note that you aren’t paying to get hired when you use one of these services. Instead, you are paying to access their list of job announcements. It’s like buying the newspaper to read the want-ads. These services search the Internet for jobs or jobs are submitted to them for posting. The great thing about these sites is that they usually weed out the duds and list only jobs that can be done from home. But not all services are the same. Stay away from resources that say they offer assembly work or envelope stuffing. These are known scams and any service that says they can get you job in these areas should be suspect.

To see a list of sites I like to use visit Work At Home Success’ Job Search page.

To learn how to screen for jobs and avoid scams, visit Work At Home Success Scam Alert page.

Good luck Linda!

~ Leslie Truex

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  2. Teresa Thomas says

    Question, what about jobs that say they pay for training? What would be your opinion on them? I’d really would like to know about that one. Please, do let me know. Alright? Look forward to hearing from you on this matter.

    1. LTruex says

      I think jobs that pay for training are fine. What you need to be careful of is jobs that want you to pay for training. Any job that requires you pay them for training or materials should be avoided. While a job might require training and materials, legitimate ones don’t care how or where you get them (as long as it meets their standards). Companies that want you to pay are selling you something and its not a job.

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  7. Lee Hale says

    I really enjoyed reading this post, because it’s very exact to online jobs. I agree with you that there are no cost options, but they are rare; however, when talking about an online biz op I’ve always loved the old adage, “price is just a portion of cost.”
    .-= Lee Hale ´s last blog ..Should You Be An Entrepreneur? Take This Test =-.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Lee,

      When it comes to employment, there are many free options as legitimate job never require a fee to get hired. But when it comes to other work-at-home options, it isn’t unusual to need to invest something. People should be careful when spending money on a business, but they shouldn’t automatically avoid businesses that cost money. Even in a traditional work world people spend money on uniforms, ties, pantyhose, gas, toll, etc… and never consider it to be a scam. Its part of doing the job. Fees and services are also part of running a business. But again, understanding what you’re paying for and researching options is key to make wise business investments.

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  12. Mag says

    Another work at home job option would be Social Median Manager , almost every business big or small , do some form of social media marketing , this task could easily be outsourced for a nominal hourly fee, all you would need is a few clients to make a good income

    1. LTruex says

      You’re right Mag, social media marketing is a good low cost home business option. I posted a review of Let’s Get Social by Kate Buck which teaches about how to become a social media marketing expert. Thanks for commenting!

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  14. Aida Roman says

    I am in need of a job desperately. My husband has suffered 2 strokes, I live in Puerto Rico, high cost living here and very little opportunity to find a job.

    My only income are disability benefits, which total a sum of $389.00 monthly which only allows me to pay rent.

    Please help me find a job, I really and truly need a home Job.

    Thank You very much
    Aida Roman.

    1. LTruex says

      Hi Aida, I’m sorry to hear about your circumstances and wish I could give you an easy solution. Unfortunately, getting a work-at-home job isn’t something you can simply sign up to do. Like traditional jobs, you need skills and experience, and you need to go through a hiring process. There is lots of information and resources here at Work-At-Home Success that can help you. But you’ll need to do the research, find the best options for you and do the work. Good luck.

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