Occasional Office Space: When You Need a Professional Office Away from Home


By Tessa Anaya

Many people find working from home to be liberating in many ways, from controlling your own schedule to your attire and even your surroundings. Working outside of the traditional office is the solution for many professionals these days – but that doesn’t mean it runs without a hitch, and can sometimes negatively affect your productivity. Luckily, flexible and temporary alternatives are on the rise and it is easier than ever to get the best of both worlds. With new ways to find and book temporary office space, you can defeat any obstacle to your efficiency without having to return to the office full time.

Messy Meeting Space

Working from home has been proven to reduce stress levels in some people, but there are some work experiences that you simply can’t remove the stress from. Meetings can be a particular source of stress for remotely working professionals, especially when it’s a meeting with an investor or superior. Although you’ve personalized and fully equipped your home office, it may not be the best or most impressive place to host a meeting. Fortunately, the sharing economy has made thousands of stylish and well-decorated lofts, meeting rooms, studios and other spaces available for rent. Hosting your meeting in one of these professional and polished rooms is sure to impress whomever you work with. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, small business owner, or simply employed remotely, occasionally renting a stylish meeting space can boost any professional encounter. It may not always be completely appropriate to host a meeting in your own home, but no matter the size of your budget or your meeting, there is a picturesque meeting room that can perfectly suit you.

Hectic Home

Having your workspace in your home can be an escape from the distractions of the office, such as water cooler discussions or your annoying cubicle mate. Still, there are factors that can make your home just as unproductive of a place as the office. When sick children, busted plumbing, wonky internet connection and other unpredictable mishaps occur, you may find yourself yearning for your cubicle. Never fear – available short-term meeting room rentals are becoming more popular and they’re making it simple to find a temporary work space for those hectic days at home.

In the past, cafes and libraries have typically been the only places to get work done outside the home; unfortunately, both are public spaces and thus, open to lots of people and distractions. Instead of unhappily reconsidering moving your work back to the blinking fluorescent lights of the office, you can browse plenty of work spaces for short-term rentals, even by the day. There are a variety of workspaces and meeting rooms offered, from coworking spaces to community associations and even private lofts and studios. When you’re in need, this new technology makes it easy for you to find a quiet yet technically capable space to get your work done.

Less-Than-Professional Presentations

Presentations, showcases and product/feature launches are necessary in today’s professional atmosphere. Regardless of your position, it’s always good to update people on your progress, whether they be investors, bosses, colleagues, or customers. However, your home office isn’t always the most dazzling place to show the world your work. You may find yourself in need of an impressive space to properly showcase your hard work, and now finding (and booking) awesome locations is easier than ever.

The ever-growing space rental market provides a huge range of professional environments. If your presentation is small but mighty, you could book a powerful conference room that is sure to command respect. Perhaps you’re looking to showcase your latest artistic work, in which case there is a versatile art gallery ready for you to transform into your perfect exhibition. You may even be organizing a product launch to show off your newest idea to existing and potential customers; in this case, anything from an R&B cafe to a funkily decorated loft could suit you. These chic workspaces are ready to rent and most often come with many technical capabilities, such as wifi, projectors, screens, flipcharts, and even whiteboards or chalkboards, so there’s no need for extra worry and your presentation is guaranteed excellence.

Chronic Creative Blocks

Home is the coziest place on earth: comfortable, broken-in, and exactly the way you like it. However, familiarity can easily inspire boredom and block your creativity. Problem solving is a highly sought after skill in the workplace, but waking up and working in the same surroundings day in and day out can make it hard to think of original solutions. Visiting a new work environment could be just the tool you need to refresh your work.

Although the market for short-term workspace rentals is relatively new, there is much competition already. Spaces are continually improving, trying to provide the most unique and attractive spaces to their renters. The result of this competition is an amazing variety of different, trendy professional locations ready for you to use. Having a well-decorated workspace has been proven to increase creativity and productivity. Innovative spaces like these would be perfect for brainstorming problem solutions or kicking off a new project with lots of ideas. If you’re struggling in your work, popping into a short-term room rental could be exactly the breath of fresh air that you need.

Working from home is an easy choice for most – but it does come with its drawbacks. The new trend of off-site meeting rooms is here to stay, making it easier than ever to find office space by the day or even by the hour. Skipping out on the commitment of long-term office rentals as well as the hardships of working from home will give you the best of both worlds.

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