Outside of the Box Ideas to Jump Start Your Work At Home Career


We asked these work-at-home experts to share with us what outside-of-the-box ideas they had for working from home.  It never hurts to try new things, from tips and tricks to finding that perfect job, to marketing your ideas in finding your ideal work at home situation. These helpful hints might just give you a heads up on how to get a jump start on your career.

Amanda Abella


When you have any new business, you absolutely must have brand clarity that resonates with your audience (your customers). But in order to do that, you must go at it with the understanding that it’s not just about your story or your journey – it’s about theirs. Without identifying how you can build relationships with people, how you can share in a vulnerable way that creates true connections with them, you’ll struggle to build your business. But when you are able to get that clarity, you will find great success as people resonate with you and your business.

Learn to deal with imposter syndrome. This is where you’re actually becoming successful but you’re feeling like a fraud (like someone that really isn’t good enough to be leading, selling, speaking, whatever it is) – and feelings of inadaquecy are overwhelming you. This very common syndrome can take you out if you let it. Don’t let it. First, realize that this fear is normal. Acknowledge it but set it to the side and focus on what is more important. Second, recognize that you may have lost focus. You are likely focusing too much on yourself and less on those you serve. Focus on them. And last, keep a journal of your successes and accomplishes to remind yourself any time you’re really struggling. It sounds hokey but it works because it refocuses us to the positive, rather than the negative. This will cause you to shift your mindset and will grown your business.

Stacy Caprio


Try brainstorming a list of various online platforms and ideas you want to try, then pick your top 5 and start them on the side while you still have your job. See which one takes off or does the best at first, and put more effort into the ones doing the best. Once you have one or two that have grown in income, you can think about quitting your full time job and focusing on just your side hustles.

Kay Rodriguez

Happy to Hustle 

Sit down with your current boss and negotiate a WAH arrangement in your current role. If you believe your job can be done via telecommute, schedule a meeting with your boss or supervisor to see if there are opportunities to transition to remote work.

Clara Wilcox

The Balance Collective 

Remember to leave the house!
It is a simple one, but often overlooked. With the technology available, it is easy to work flexibility, and not even be location specific. However, when you are looking to build a network of supports, suppliers and, most importantly, clients, nothing beats getting out the house and speaking to people. Find local co-working spaces and networking events and get yourself out and having conversations. People buy from people, so don’t forget to show the world who you are!

Nate Masterson

Maple Holistics

*Don’t Be So Organized*If you think about it, your organization skills are perfect for mid-level management, but CEOs are a little more over the place. You’re obsessive when it comes to your organization and the head of a million dollar company can’t stay focused for more than five minutes. You should start to nurture your looser more creative side without losing your ability to focus and prioritize.

Note From Leslie

Finding/Choosing Your Perfect Work

Many people jump online to find work from home, without any sense of what working at home is or what their best situation should be. A better way to find or choose your work at home career is to tap into something you know, do, or love. So my tip is to make a list of your skills, experience, interests, talents and passions. Then search those to see the different ways people have built a home career of it.

Do you love chocolate? You can have home baking business, blog about chocolate, write chocolate cookbooks or have a chocolate YouTube channel. There is even a direct sales company that sells chocolate.

Finding a Work-At-Home Job

Writing a submitting your resume is required to get a work-at-home job, but there are a few things you can do that many job seekers don’t do including:

  • Tailor every resume you send to fit the job you’re apply to
  • Complete and keep up-to-date a LinkedIn profile to include on your resume, as well as to network and find jobs on LinkedIn
  • Create an online resume, by buying a domain with your name and webhosting (I use GoDaddy and Momwebs), install WordPress, and then put information about you that job seekers would be interested in knowing.
  • Create an infographic resume. While you still want a traditional resume, having an info graphic is a unique way to have job seekers stop and notice you.

Building Traffic to Your Blog or Website

When it comes to online business, the biggest challenge is traffic. All the traffic gurus tell you to use social media, email, Facebook ads and more. But to really be successful at traffic, here are some marketing questions you need to answer to develop the best strategy:

  • Who is your ideal visitor? What do they want or need that you offer? It’s really important to know what problem or need you solve and who wants that.
  • Where do they hang out? You can do social media and run ads all you want, but if they’re not appearing before your ideal visitor, it’s a waste of your time and money.
  • How can you best engage them. What types of social media makes them take notice? What content do they stop and read?

When you have these questions answered, you’ll have your marketing solution. You’ll know what problem your marketing content should say you solve, who needs it solved, where to find your market, and what type of content to put in front of them.

Do you have other great out-of-the-box ideas for jumping starting a work-at-home career in 2019?

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