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The other day, I submitted a book manuscript to a publisher. I’m hopeful that the publisher will buy and publish the book. But if not, it certainly won’t be the first no I’ve received nor the last. The reality is that if you’re able to get through life without experiencing rejection, then you’re probably not really living. No one is so perfect that they’re accepted all the time. Risking rejection is a part of reaching and expanding for something more, and anyone who achieves success has experienced a few nos in their life. The key to dealing with rejection is to learn from and overcome it. Here are tips to getting past the feelings that come with rejection to achieve success.

1. It’s not about you. Okay, so it’s a little bit about you, but not in the way you think. When you hear “no”, it’s not a reflection of you as a person. Instead, people who tell you “no” don’t need what you have to offer at that time.

2. No isn’t forever. Sometimes you’ll hear “no” when what the person really means “not now” or “maybe”. Timing is a factor in getting a job or making a sale. Perhaps the employer doesn’t have need for you now, but he might in the future. The same is true in selling products or services. Sometimes you catch people when they aren’t able or ready to buy. In this case, find out when a better time might be and follow up.

3. It’s a numbers game. Sales people refer to numbers to keep them motivated. They understand they’re going to get a certain percentage of nos, and so they run the numbers until they get a yes. Sales people view their work as sifting and sorting. You can do the same. The key point is that you keep sifting and sorting until you get a “yes”.

4. Make the right impression. While rejection can occur because of a poor match or timing, sometimes it’s because you haven’t put your best foot forward. I received several rejections when I first pitched my book about working at home. While the content was good, it was dry and uninteresting. When I revamped the material and wrote with my personality infused in the work, I found two agents within a few months (I still received a few rejections). The point is, if you keep getting “nos”, re-evaluate how you’re presenting yourself. Is your resume tailored to the job and presenting you as the ideal candidate for the job? Is your sales page or pitch consumer-centered, focused on benefits not features? Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or help from people you trust. Sometimes a little tweak can be the difference between a “no” and a “yes”.

Rejection sucks, but successful people understand that it’s part of the process in achieving goals. Instead of letting rejection get you down, get motivated and learn from it.

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