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One of the challenges of a service based business such as virtual assistance, freelance writing, etc is keeping track of the amount of time you spend with each client. Even if you bill by project and not hourly, keeping track of time allows you to better price your projects. Clockado offers a helpful solution. Clockodo not only tracks your time, but it allows you to track by client or project. For example, if you’re a freelance writer hired to create a press release, you can track how long it takes you to write press releases so you can make sure you’re charging enough on future PR clients. And you can track the client so you can bill him (if hired by the hour). You can track your time on your computer or your smartphone, which is ideal if your service requires you to work away from your computer.

The analyze options allows you to study how much time clients and projects take, and set your fees accordingly. Further, it can help identify time wasters to avoid and profit producers to focus on.

Clockado offers a free 30-day trial, and then is $8 per month for one user and $5 for additional users if you happen to work with a team.

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