Below you’ll find a list of resources, tools and work-at-home options that I recommend you check out. I use or have tested out these resources and found them to work. PLEASE NOTE however that not all resources or options may be for you. While I can verify that the resources listed hear are acceptable, you need to research and decide for yourself whether these resources will work for you based on your goals.

Work-At-Home Jobs
Work-At-Home Business Opportunities
Tools and Resources
Education and Training

Work-At-Home Jobs

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How to Get a Work-At-Home Job at Work-At-Home Success University
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Work-At-Home Businesses and Opportunities

I’m a big believer in making money doing things you already do any way if possible. My recommendation is that you start by inventorying your skills and interests, and look for opportunities that use them.

eBay – Start selling today and make money in 7 days or less. eBay is free to join and fees are charged AFTER you’ve made a sale. You can start by selling unused items taking up space around your home.

Check out more options on the Work-At-Home Success Opportunities page.

Business Tools and Resources

Hostgator Website Hosting
– Especially if you’re new to making money online, finding a web host that provides all the tools and scripts you need at an affordable price is important. Hostgator offers all that. With its cPanel graphic interface and Fantastico Deluxe for website templates, blog set up (like WordPress), and other great website features, Hostgator provides everything you need.

Godaddy Domain Name – I host all my domain names (about 30 of them) at Godaddy. You can buy or sell new and used domains at affordable prices.

Aweber List Management – The real money on the Internet comes from having a list. I use Aweber to manage all my lists. Aside from sending emails and newsletter, you can also have your blog automatically sent to your list or have your email posted to an RSS feed.

Free Simple Voicebox Voicemail – This is a great tool if you can’t have a second or dedicated line to your business or aren’t in the office much. You can have long or short messages. You can even make so people can’t leave a message which is perfect for network marketing teams to share information to prospects. If you want an 800 number that will come with a fee.

Free Publicity Resource HARO – The Haro report (help a reporter out) is a free resource in which writers and producers ask for help from experts on a variety of topics. If you’re an expert in your business, it pays to sign up and check the 3 emails a day for publicity opportunities. Many may be for blogs or podcasts, but that still gives you access to people who might not otherwise find you. There are also writers from major magazines, newspapers and TV shows. Through HARO I’ve been interviewed in Woman’s World and Redbook.

Canva – Graphics and design tools. Check out Canva’s Design school for tips and more.

Education and Training

Work-At-Home Success Bundle Pack – Not sure what kind of work to do from home? The Work-At-Home Success Bundle Pack provides information on surveys, eBay, affiliate marketing and more.

Work-At-Home Success University – Email courses in getting a work-at-home job, blogging, affiliate marketing, starting a service business and more.

Six Figure Copy Writing – I took this course to help me write better copy for my websites. Its not cheap, but I found it to be very good and thorough. The real advantage of this course over learning from a book is the feedback. You are given homework and a professional lets you know how you did. Plus there is an active forum on which you can get support, advice and help. Of all the writing jobs, copywriting is the most lucrative and yet it doesn’t require advanced degrees. You just need to understand the power of words to incite action.

Become a Self-Publisher – Many of the fortunes being made on the Internet are done so by selling information. This course will help you create and market your information.

Super Affiliate Handbook – If you’d like to make money in affiliate marketing, this book is one of the best for its price. Lots of great tips to and easy to follow instructions.

Affiliatenaire – This is an emailed course from the great Jimmy D. Brown. Very thorough providing step-by-step help on making money through affiliate programs.

Niche Blogging – This is a membership site that will teach you step-by-tiny-step how to pick a topic, create a blog, and make money from it. It was put together by a woman who paid off over $70,000 of debt using blogs.

Disclosure: Some resources listed here provide compensation for referrals, but only programs or services I use or have used successfully are offered as “recommended” options. Nevertheless, you need to review and research any program or service to verify that it will fill your needs and goals.

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