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Last week at the library, I picked up Ree Drummond’s book The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels. Before writing books (she has a cookbook as well), Ree started as a blogger.

The Pioneer Woman is a day-in-the-life blog at which Ree chronicles her adventures as a rancher’s wife, shares photographs and cowboy-friendly recipes, and provides homeschooling tips. What makes Pioneer Woman so fun is Ree’s approachable and funny writing. You feel as if you’re in the kitchen with her as she shares stories about life with the Marlboro Man (her husband) and four children. The life sounds hard and ikky (up early and lots of cow manure), but romantic as well…. you should check the picture of her Marlboro man.

This is the type of blog that many mommies, who feel they live in a sit-com would like to write.  If done well, it can lead to a book deal as it did for Ree as well as Julie Powell (Julie and Julia) and Heather Armstrong (Dooce). At the same time it requires the ability to convert your daily life into prose that is interesting, quirky and something other people can relate to. In essence, you need to be a great storyteller.

You don’t find many ads on successful day-in-the-life blogs, mostly because these people are blogging for fun (or therapy), not to make money. But when they have a large following, they often end up with sponsors or book deal. Widgets


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