Realistic Ways to Make $500-$1000 in 30 Days

Realistic Ways to Earn $500-$1000 in 30 Days

So many people who contact me report that they’re in dire straights and need income fast. My heart always goes out to them because I know that when it comes to find a work-at-home job or building a home business, it’s nearly impossible to do it as quickly as these people need. However, a job or home business aren’t the only ways to make money, and in fact, there are other options that can generate cash more quickly.

Below you’ll find money-making options that might not turn into regular income, but can be used to earn what you need to cover immediate financial needs, pay off debt, or create the investment needed to start a home business. With that said, a few of these options can generate regular, ongoing income.

Sell Your Stuff

A yard sale, eBay and a host of other options can generate quick cash within a week.  Everyone has items in their home they don’t want or use. This includes clothes, books, DVDs, electronic devises, art, jewelry, kitchen items, furniture and more. For a complete list of over 50 resources that pay money (and often pay for the shipping) or offer a place to sell your stuff, check out Spring Clean Your Home For Extra Cash.

Sell Your Skill

One of the quickest ways to make extra money is to sell a skill. In fact, starting a service-based business is one of the fastest and most affordable ways to start a home business. But you don’t have to start a business to sell your skill. You can use any of the many freelance sites such as, Freelancer, Guru, and Upwork to find work. If you have a specific skill set, such as writing, you can visit freelance sites geared toward that work. For example, a good resource for freelance writing jobs is,  or for graphic design and other creative work check out

Another option is to check out the needs of businesses on microwork sites, such as, Amazon Mechanical Turk and TaskRabbit. I’ve read articles that report some people regularly earn $1,000 or more a month through microworking. For a list of over 20 crowdsource microwork sites, check out 24 Microworker Sites to Make Money.

Don’t think you have a skill? Think again. Many of these jobs don’t require a lot of skill or experience. Many want you to research something (i.e. rebate codes), create a spreadsheet, or transcribe audio or data.

Maximize Your Assets

Many people don’t realize that they can make money from stuff they already have. Obviously, we’ve covered the junk in your house and skills, but odds are you have other assets that can be put to work. For example, you can make money with your car through places like BrandYourCarRelayridesUber, and Lyft. Along with your car, you can use your home to make money through places like Airbnb. You might have other stuff people might want to rent, such as a sewing machine or lawn mower. You can do that through a site like  Zilok or Snapgoods.

Do you have a smartphone? There are a ton of ways you can make and save money using your phone. Do you enjoy surfing the net and sharing feedback? You can get paid for sharing your opinion, testing website usability through sites like User Testing, or become a search evaluator through places such as Appen and LeapForce. Finally, there are many options for getting paid to do stuff you already do, such as shop and watch TV.

Need more ideas? How about making money with your recipes? Or maybe you have photos you can sell to stock photo sources.

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Realistic Ways to Earn $500 to $1000 in 30 Days

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