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Work At Home Training Can Improve Your Chances of Getting Hired, Growing Your Business, and Earning More!

Learning new skills is crucial in working at home. It improves your marketability to an employer or client, allowing you to stay relevant and even earn more. We asked our experts what tips they have to increase their knowledge and expand their skill sets, without draining your wallet.

Nate Masterson

Maple Holistics 

There is so much information out there that you can learn from. And if you come across some terrible advice, you can learn what NOT to do!

Start your own blog or social media group for Work At Home’ers. This can be time consuming, but the pay off is well worth it. You can offer each other tips and advice and teach each other new skills.

Do online courses. You can find online tutorials at minimal or no cost. Constantly learning and staying up to date in your career is the best way to succeed in whatever you do.

Robert McGuire


1. Get paid courses for free from your library. Many public libraries have licensing deals with the big online courses catalogs like Lynda that will let you check out a course like you would a book.

2. Build your own passion project. There’s nothing like building your own thing to push you to learn. After all, active learning is more effective for building skills than passively taking in information. Many solo businesses started out with someone trying to accomplish something they didn’t know how to do such as building a website for the first time, putting up an online store, building their own community around a cause or starting a podcast. Finding the effectively using free versions of the tools that make these passion projects possible is a learning experience in itself. Plus, at the end, you’re left with demonstrable proof of your new skills.

3. Lurk among the freelancers. WAH employees should eavesdrop on their freelance peers who have always worked at home and are always keeping up their skills. Because freelancers have an average of 5 clients per month, they are great at spotting trends in an industry. Find the Twitter chats or Facebook groups where the community of remote working professionals in your industry are hanging out. This can be a great source of information about fees vs. salaries, who is hiring, what the trends in the industry are and how to be effective when working at remotely.

Durbha Shri Hari

IILM Academy of Higher Learning

1. Open Online course Providing Website- I am a huge fan of the websites like, and are my hangout places for learning and new skill. Most of the courses are free but to get certificate you would need to pay.The content and the
instructors are excellent and industry experts. The content in every course in organized in such a manner that the it turns out to be the best gradual learning curve for student. Doing Basic foundation courses will helped me a lot and generated a lot of interest.

2. Youtube and Blogs – After doing some basic,intermediate and advanced courses from the above mentioned sites I look out for what is the latest and recent developments in the skill e.g SEO in 2018, Social Media Marketing 2018. Most of the experts maintain social presence in one form or the other.The bloggers are tremendously adding great content to their respective blogs and hence making my got to go place for learning the recent developments in my budding skill.

3.Social Media Groups-Sharing is caring and what else is a better platform other than Social Media groups,I constantly look out for the Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ groups to learn and understand the problems and solutions to the problems revolving around my new skill.The blogs out there also post the list of Facebook,LinkedIn groups where one can find other experts and learners.In these groups one can find the questions and problems people are facing. They can answer and ask questions too.Its win win situation for all the group members.One can go beyond and start networking which is really required if one is trying to establish himself/herself in the industry. This tip helped a lot of my friends and turned out disastrous too as there are many fake people in these groups to either scam you or to waste your time.So it is really important to see which group you are joining and is it really contributing in your skill growth.

Jeff Butler

JButler International 

1. Udemy free online courses. They have a ton of free classes that you can watch and get a feel for content.

2. Downloading free lectures and audiobooks from Youtube and putting them on a MP3 player. This way you can listen on the go and avoid the temptation of falling into the Youtube rabbit hole.


 Morgan Mandriota

hawk + pearl 

YouTube is a goldmine of free information to learn new skills or sharpen your current skillset. You can watch how-to and instructional videos from popular brands, powerful influencers, notable professionals, and bloggers on absolutely any topic you choose. is another great resource which offers free or affordable e-courses on coding, software, creative, and business skills for those looking to get a more hands on education via online classroom setting. Depending on what industry you’re in, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of digital publications with tons of free articles that can teach you new things and help you progress in your role.

Note from Leslie

I’ve have spent a fortune lately on courses to help with very specific skill and information, but there is still a lot to learn for free or low cost. I agree with many of the ideas from this week’s experts. Here are a few ways I expand my knowledge and skills:

  • Read: I’m an avid reader. I belong to Kindle Unlimited, which allows 10 concurrent books to be on your Kindle for free (just the cost of the program). I get many topic specific books such as Pinterest for Authors. I do buy a lot of books, but libraries are a great free resource. You can even do inter-library loan to get books that your library doesn’t carry. I also read magazines and blogs.
  • Tutorials: I love YouTube for learning how to do specific skills, such do a special technique in Photoshop. If there’s something that’s got you stuck, chances are there is a YouTube video.
  • Courses: There are many free and low cost courses you can take online. Udemy offers some. Many online entrepreneurs offer a free overview of something through email or an ebook.


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