Safety Precautions When Hiring on at a Home Business


Guest Post by Travis Holmes

Your home small business should be taken with the seriousness that you would give to a large business. Probably you have adapted an area of your home for this specific purpose and depending on the type of home-based business you own, it has been conditioned to operate as a regular office does. Now that your home-based business is starting to grow, the time to hire a few employees has come. But keep an eye on the following safety precautions that you must know.

Hiring Your First Employee

Usually a home small business has a limited budget and hiring only one employee is a good idea to start with. By doing this you can plan future hiring and find out how many people can work with you without intruding in your family living space. Based on the working space that your new first employee needs, you may determine if it would be necessary to make home adaptations and changes to your home insurance policy.

Play Safe, Staying Safe

Talking about safety life insurance can also play a role when it comes to hiring in a home small business environment. Life insurance does not only protect you and your family with a death benefit, but it could be a financing source to hiring employees. Equally, it would be beneficial to ask your potential employees about what type of insurance they carry, because it could be your liability insurance that will have to pay for expenses they have not covered on their own.

Making Safe Interviews

Whether you hire over the phone or making employees fill out an online applications, before the first interview at your home-based business takes place, make sure to verify the identity of your potential employees. Remember that crime may use any opportunity to break into your home if you allow it. On a less dramatic situation, you might be hiring a negligent person, or someone well-known for his/her drug addition. Do a background check first, distrust your instincts, and stick to the facts returned from the data in an employee’s application.

When the Model Employee Is Not

As noted above, a background check may reveal the employee is lying. However, if you have confirmed that the information provided matches public records, verification calls and other sources that confirms the employee’s claims, then it is time to verify the next safety precaution; their behavior at work. Many times individuals with unimpeachable background changes job very often because of their behavior. Observe your new employee during the first week and do not be afraid to fire this person if they show unwanted behavior.

Keep Your Business Away From Your Home Life

Finally the safety of your family is also important. No matter if your employees are dependable, keep your home small business separated from the family area. The bathroom and the entrance/exit doors for your employees simply must not be the same that you and your family use. This measure should not only be thought for safety purposes, but also avoids uncomfortable situations for all, including your employees.

About the author: Travis Holmes is a financial blogger with a passion for small business. He believes a balanced personal life reflects on a balanced business life, especially when you are working from home.

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