Scam Alert: ABC News Alert – Must see news.


Here’s another one of those fake news sites trying to dupe people into believing a news team has investigated their work-at-home program.

Don't fall for the scams on fake news sites.

I’ve watched the news for many years, and in my experience, when it covers working at home, its focus in on scams. Whenever I’m interviewed for news shows, the focus is nearly always on scams. Never have I seen or been asked about specific work-at-home programs on news shows. So I urge you to always be suspicious of  “news” sites with work-at-home information.

The good news in this case is that this particular site has fine print located at the top and bottom, that tells you it’s an ad. But how many people read the fine print? Not as many that should.

This site links to another site that says, “Find Out How to Get $50.00 Emailed To You Up To 10-Times a Day” and indicates it’s been profiled on top news sites. It has text and audio about a mom finally being able to make money helping companies place ads.


This is another deceptive ad to get you involved in affiliate marketing. I’ve always said that affiliate marketing is a viable way to make money. I make money with affiliate marketing. But I hate ads that suggest you’ll be hired by companies or that it’s easy and automatic. Affiliate marketing is like any other business. You have to study it, learn it, plan it, implement it and monitor it. And companies only pay if your marketing brings them results. You aren’t paid for placing ads. You’re paid when an ad you place results in a sale.

Even though affiliate marketing is legitimate,  I always post warnings about these types of ads because using deception to get you into something, even something legit, is wrong

If you’d like to learn more about affiliate marketing without any deception, check out:


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