Scam Alert: Email from IRS


I woke up to an inbox filled with email from “support manager” and “info manager” saying it was the IRS and that my tax return was incomplete. The email included an attachment and asked that I fill it out and supply I.D. to complete my taxes. If you get an email like this, DON’T RESPOND!

This is a phishing email designed to steal your identity.

Remember, when you get email like this, use common sense. In this case, I’ve never given the IRS my email address and if I did, it wouldn’t have been the one I received the email to. Second, the IRS gave me my refund so my tax return must have been okay.

Whenever you get email about any account, never download the attachments or click the links in the email. If you do, you can set yourself up to get a virus and have your personal information stolen. If you think the email might be legitimate, open your browser and type in site’s main URL (not the url in the email), and log in from there. For example, if I got an email from PayPal that I thought my be real, instead of clicking on the link, I type in my browser and log in from there.

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