Scam Alert: Email Processors Needed


Have you received an email like the one below? Wouldn’t it be nice to make $25 for every email processed? Unfortunately this is a scam. If you get email like this, just delete it.

These emails might be funny, if people weren’t losing money. For example, this email is from “No Scam No Hype”. In my book any email that says that is waving a red flag. But my favorite part of this scam sales page is that it says you can earn $25 for every email processed…guaranteed. Then the letter tells a personal story of processing 20 to 25 emails a day and making $200 a day. Now I’m no math expert, but my calculator tells me that if this were legit, and she was processing 20 emails a day at $25 she would be making $500 a day.

These scams work much like envelop stuffing scams. You’re buy the “training materials” which tell you to send an email out like the one received (you probably have to buy a list). Every one who buys the “training” materials from you, then is told to dupe others by sending the same email.

I say it all the time, but it needs to be repeated….working at home is work. Legitimate work-at-home jobs and businesses are much like their traditional counterparts. There is no sign-up-do-menial-work-and-get-paid program.

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