Scam Alert: Fake Check Job


Scam AlertI received this email the other day from a “Mrs. Kahn” who wants my help in collecting delinquent debts. She reports wanting my help and counsel, but the email is sent to undisclosed recipients and isn’t even addressed to me (Dear Sir/Madam). This tells me its gone out to thousands … maybe even millions of people.

Other red flags:

1) Typos in particular using “i” instead of “I” to refer to herself.

2) 10% of every debt you collect from any delinquent customer and then the Company will instruct you on how to send the rest balance to their End.” Legitimate companies may hire debt collectors, but those collectors don’t accept the debt payment and then send it to the company. Instead they arrange for the debtor to pay the company directly. Anytime a company asks you to accept checks on its behalf or use your personal checking to help it do business, you should run away as a fast as you can. The checks you receive will be fake. If you cash them, eventually the bank will contact you about the fake check and want its money back. You can also be arrested for passing a fake check.

Here is the copy of the email. I have removed all phone numbers and emails.

Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Anita Khan living in Ontario Canada i am sending you this Request for a possible Representation in my Organization i serve as a Representative of Asia Pacific Microsystems Inc. in Canada/USA Region i act as their Collective Agent here i.e i recieve payment from delinquent customers.

The Reason why i am writing you this email is to seek your counsel and know if you will be able to take up this job as i am on holiday and will not be returning till the next 3months.

Here are the Benefits if you wish to take this Job

1. $3,500 Every month as your Salary.

2. 10% of every debt you collect from any delinquent customer and then the Company will instruct you on how to send the rest balance to their End.

If Accepted kindly contact Mr John Change of (APM) he will advice you of Next step to Follow.

His Details are as follows.

Full Name: John Chang (Mr)
Phone Number: Tel (General):(Removed by WAHS)
Fax (General):
(Removed by WAHS)
Email: (Removed by WAHS)

Position At Work: Vice Chairman/Administration / Asia Pacific Microsystems, Inc.

Do contact him by email and advice him of the following details from you


Thank you and do have a lovely day

Mrs Khan

Remember, stay away from any “job” that wants you to use your personal bank account to help it do business!

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  2. michelle says

    I was just wondering how I can find out more about Andrea Duckert scam? I received two checks from “her”. However, the names on the check and the envelope were different. I was looking for a work at home job. Also, I have been talking to a man for 2 years now. I searched his picture on the romance scammer pictures and couldnt find it. However, the name he gave me is the same name of a guy and he is black. My scammer is “supposedly” white.

    How can I research this more and without spending any money?

    1. LTruex says

      If you know its a scam, then I’m not sure why you want to pursue more information. Legitimate jobs are like traditional jobs. You wouldn’t get a check out of the blue in a legitimate job. Neither would you be asked to cash a check or be asked to use your personal bank account to help a company do business. Anytime there is something that doesn’t seem right, its time to move on to something else. With that said you can search places like, and do a search on the name in question with “scam” such as “duckert scam”.

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