Scam Alert: Guaranteed Home Job $379/Day


Here’s another scam that arrived in my email the other day. Unfortunately, I can’t give the details about how the scam works because my virus protection gives me a BIG warning about not opening the page as there is malicious stuff that will be downloaded if I do.

So how do I know it’s a scam? Aside from the fact that my virus protection says the page is dangerous, there are several other red flags.

1) “Guaranteed Home Job” – Jobs are earned. You can’t just sign up for a job.

2) The text version of the add has:
Turn 60 minutes into $379
Work at Home: $15-$75/Hr
Work at Home: $379/Day
Paying $15-$75/Hr
Paying $15-$75/Hr Working from your home
Paying $379/Day to work from home
Home Computer? Get paid $379/Day working from home
Home Computer? Get paid $5000/Mo working from home
Needed: 2 Positions left working from home
Needed: 2 Positions left paying $379/day from home
Work at Home Opportunity Paying: $15-$75/hr

This is all kind of weird. I mean is it $379 an hour as the first line suggests or $15 to $75 per hour? The reality is that jobs have SET salaries. Even commission sales gives you a percentage or income per sale.

3. The HTML version shows me a picture of a smiling mom with baby that tells me the mom makes over $6,000 per month…without selling, talking to people or any experience.

My guess (and it is a guess because I can’t view the website) is that it’s program that sells affiliate training. While affiliate marketing is a viable way to make money, there is no way anyone can guarantee you $379 a day at it. Further, affiliate marketing isn’t a job, it’s a business.

The truth is that the odds of you getting a job from an email are nil. Employers don’t have to mass email to find employees, just like traditional employers don’t send mailings looking for employees. The competition for jobs is very high. Most employers are inundated with applications. They don’t need to email you to see if you’d like a job.

Always be wary of emails or ads you come across that use words like “guarantee” and “no experience” at the same time.

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