Scams are bad enough, but when a scam suggests it’s helping motherless children or is “Christian” in its mission is even worse. Here’s a fake check scam I got in my email the other day. You’ll notice many errors although some differences are due to this being from England where some words are spelled differently.

I have highlighted the red flag with comments in red.


Mike Wayne.




Please permit me to write you irrespective of the fact we have not met before.I got your contact through your listed resume (my resume is not posted online  and if it were, it would not have the email he contacted me at, so he could not contact me through it.), hence I decided to write you.I would be very interested in offering you a part-time paying job in which you will be paid ,despite the fact that you are helping to save many of God’s children lives that have been left homeless due to un-fortunate events that took place in their respective lifes.Before I go further, I will like to give you a brief profile about myself.

My name is Mike Wayne. Im 45 years of age with 4 kids …Molly, Timmy,Sandip and Frank, and a loving Wife. I had great dreams and ambitions to nurture and train my family especially my children. with all that is required , so they could become the best family in the world . I have specal love and plans for family and my profession .I had plans to establish a great medical centre,employ people and attain great goals. As in the life of Mother Theresa and Mary Slessor , Heaven had other plans for me. One night , i had dreams and I saw something that the same way I have great love for my family, so many children were dying who needed greater love from me. I saw heaven telling me that the greater happiness and joy which I will ever know lies in bringing healing to these children . I did not know how to start , but with great courage and determination, I resolved to do the great work of giving hope again to these hopeless children. As I have kept on making Presently, as God almi ghty would have it, we have been


At this point, we will be glad if you could work with us as our representative in the USA. You will be working as our payment assistant in charge of collecting and processing the payments from our various donors. (Legitimate charities can accept payments directly from donors. There is no need for a middle man.) Since they will be making the payment via Money Order/US cerified cashier’s check, you will be collecting these payments via Money Order/US certified cashier’s check that you can cash at your bank (NEVER, EVER use your personal bank account to help a company do business. This check will be bogus and you’ll be out the money you forward on to this scam), then be forwarding them via Western Union or Money Gram to us. And for this service, we agree to pay you 10% percent of each amount you collect from the donors. Also note that you will be notified a week before any donation arrives at your door step.


1. Receive payment (Via Money Order/US cerified cashier’s check) from our kind and humble donors twice every week. (This will be a fake check and could result in your losing your account and going to jail!)

2. Cash the Payments at your Bank

3. Deduct 10%, which will be your percentage/pay on Payment processed.

4. You will then forward the balance via Western Union Money (which means there will be no recourse to get your money back when you realize you’ve been scammed.)

Transfer according to our instruction.


You don?t have to go out of your present daily activity in order to engage in this Job (i.e. you can do this Work easily without leaving or affecting your present Job). You will work as an independent contractor right from your home /office. Your job is absolutely legal.. You do not need any capital to start (non of your personal funds is needed).


18 years or older.

Legally capable.

Responsible, Reliable and Trustworthy

Ready to work 3-4 hours per week.

Able to check and respond to emails often.

Easy telephone access.

IS THIS LEGAL? (NO! Cashing a fake check can land you in jail!!!)

Yes it is. As a matter of fact, my lawyer checked all legal provisions to know if there is any domestic or international law against job contracts or offers in this manner, and he said it is allowed by all LAWS. So know that doing this work is safe and legitimate.

I guess all is well understood, I would be glad if you accept my proposal .May God almighty bless you as you read my message and consider in your heart the good you will be doing for these helpless children,

Please reply to my personal email address directly at {removed for your protection) with the details stated below:







Thank You & God Bless.

Mr Mike Wayne

Please remember that legitimate companies do NOT need people to cash their checks. Too many people have lost thousands of dollars and their bank privaledges to scams that involve depositing a fake check and sending money to the scammer. Some have even been arrested for cashing a fake check. If you ever come across any offer of money that involves using your bank account to transfer or process money, DON’T DO IT!!!

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