1. sindi khumalo
    February 1, 2011 @ 2:54 am

    how do i know the job offer for a research officer for the united nations welfare relief programme is legitimate


    • LTruex
      February 1, 2011 @ 8:27 am

      Does it ask for money? If it does, it’s not a job. Does it ask you to use your personal bank account to help it “process” payments? Then its not a job. Visit the Scam Page here are WAHS to learn more about screening for scams.


  2. Barry
    February 4, 2011 @ 11:49 am

    Groooaaaann! They must think we all just arrived off of banana boats. Surely people don’t fall for these scams. Another red light is when they ask you to sell them a product but ask them to use their shipping company. I get it all the time.


    • LTruex
      February 7, 2011 @ 10:03 am

      Barry, you’d be surprised how many people do fall for it. That’s why they’re still around. It makes you wonder how people can sleep at night! Thank you for the comment!


  3. Ali Ahmed
    December 15, 2013 @ 4:26 pm

    I am scam victim for several times i recive scam messages from Negiria Africa. I payed tomuch money in these scam
    please send me U.nation /or central Bank to raise cliam.
    send me their e-mail. to send them my claim.


    • LTruex
      December 16, 2013 @ 10:07 am

      Hi Ali, Unfortunately, scammers aren’t that easy to contact. While they may use legitimate sounding names or the names of real businesses, they are fake and are difficult to find. You should contact the organization that handles fraud in your country. Here is information from the Federal Trade Commission on the Nigerian Scam.


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