Scam Alert – WAHS Doesn’t Produce “Work At Home Success Kit”


Scam AlertI received an email wanting a refund on a product called “The Work At Home Success Kit”. This is not the first time I’ve been asked to refund money on a product I don’t sell. But not only do I not produce, sell or any way affiliate with the Work-At-Home Success Kit, but I would caution you against getting it as it appears to be a Google Money Scheme (check out my post on the old WAHS Blog about Google Money Schemes). While Google offers ways to make money through its services, these schemes are deceptive and sneaky in the way they continue to bill you month after month. Google has started taking action against these scammers.

To stay safe and get a refund if you need it on anything you buy online:

1) Always write down or bookmark the site you’re purchasing from. That way you can go straight to the source.

2) Save all email receipts and packing slips. These will have email and other information to help you find the company you need to contact.

3) Use a credit card over a debit card or checks online. Its easier to reverse charges and stop payment fraud. With debit cards and checks, you may have to close the account and open a new one to stop on-going charges.

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