Scam Alert: Your Assistance is needed.


Here is a scam email I received the other day. According to this email, a U.S. military officer found some money in a cave in Afghanistan and wants my help in bringing it to the U.S. for which I’ll be compensated (how nice of him!). This email like all the rest like it is either a fake check scam, or you’ll be asked to send money to assist in the transfer of the funds, which will never appear.

Common sense would tell you there is something fishy about this email:

1) Does the U.S. government allow soldiers to keep stuff they find? I doubt it. Especially if its $2.5 million.

2) Why me? First of all the email isn’t addressed to me specifically, which tells me it went out in bulk to other people. Second, why would a military person randomly pick me to help him move money? Why not his wife or mother or brother…someone he actually knows and trusts?

3) I suppose its possible that a U.S. military person can have such bad writing, but this letter makes me think that English isn’t the first language of the author.

Remember, no one, particularly someone you’ve never met, is going to email you about helping transfer money, winning the lottery or gaining in inheritance from a long lost relative. Never respond to emails that suggest otherwise.

Scam Email:

Lt George Sanderson
Reply To: (removed)
Subject: Your Assistance is needed.
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2010 21:49:20 +0700

Greetings Dear Friend,

Lt George Sanderson is my name, a United States Army officer stationed in Afghanistan.I am currently facing a desire situation and I have thought hard and long of a way to solve this problem I have and only come up with the resolve to ask you for assistance in this matter.

A rather LARGE $$$um of money in foreign currencies was discovered by me and members of my unit in a cave used by insurgents who we have strong believes also have links to some known Terrorist groups.This money was amongst other valuables discovered.I would very much appreciate your effort in helping me evacuate the sum of $2,570,000 to the States or any safe country of your choice as far as I can be assured that it will be safe in your care until I complete my service here.Please know that you would highly be compensated for your assistance in this matter.

I do not know for how long I will remain here as I have been lucky to have survived 2 suicide bomb attacks by Pure Divine intervention.All details would be forwarded to you once you have expressed interest in been of assistance to me by sending me a reply to this mail: (removed)


Lt George Sanderson

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  1. Nanette Smith says

    This is Nanette (Smith). As to the above article, my husband and I; have been receiving these kinds of E-mails; for many many years. They; are scary. As; some of them, have written to my husband, and have said; they were, going to come after him, and arrest him, for doing something, he wasn’t. I have, been receiving, SOME. But; not to the extent, my husband has. I just see mine, and do not open them. I have DELETED them, and put alot of them on block. I have, also; called the FBI: (Federal Bureau of Investigation); on this, many many times. And; they have said; that these are not true. But; it really, bothers you; after a while. Especially, when; you aren’t doing, anything; to deserve these kinds of threats. And; you, also; wonder, how; they got your E-mail Address; in the first place. If, there are any other people, who have been receiving these E-mails; I can, get back to you; with the phone numbers. And; who to contact, in their city; as well. It can also; be found, online. Or; in your GOVERNMENT LISTINGS (USUALLY BLUE PAGES): of your phone book. If, anyone, else; would like to contact me, about this. Please send me, their E-mail; and I could get back to them. I know; things, like this; can make a person, lose, alot of sleep.

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