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  1. Nanette Smith
    January 1, 2011 @ 3:44 pm

    This is Nanette (Smith). As to the above article, my husband and I; have been receiving these kinds of E-mails; for many many years. They; are scary. As; some of them, have written to my husband, and have said; they were, going to come after him, and arrest him, for doing something, he wasn’t. I have, been receiving, SOME. But; not to the extent, my husband has. I just see mine, and do not open them. I have DELETED them, and put alot of them on block. I have, also; called the FBI: (Federal Bureau of Investigation); on this, many many times. And; they have said; that these are not true. But; it really, bothers you; after a while. Especially, when; you aren’t doing, anything; to deserve these kinds of threats. And; you, also; wonder, how; they got your E-mail Address; in the first place. If, there are any other people, who have been receiving these E-mails; I can, get back to you; with the phone numbers. And; who to contact, in their city; as well. It can also; be found, online. Or; in your GOVERNMENT LISTINGS (USUALLY BLUE PAGES): of your phone book. If, anyone, else; would like to contact me, about this. Please send me, their E-mail; and I could get back to them. I know; things, like this; can make a person, lose, alot of sleep.


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