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Did you know that 51% of Americans prefer to shop online and that 96% of Americans with Internet access have bought online, 80% of them in the last month, according to BigCommerce. Owning an online store is a viable and potentially profitable way to make a living from home. But for many would-be online store owners, there are a few drawbacks. For one, maintaining an inventory of items to sell can be costly and take up room in the house. Some online store owners overcome this through dropshipping, but that has it’s own set of problems, namely it can be expensive and with so many other people selling the same items, it can be hard to compete. Other dropship issues include long shipping times and poor quality products. The final challenge is determining how to set up the ecommerce site.

A new ecommerce resource has sought to eliminate some of these issues.  GearLaunch offers a plug-and-play solution to every aspect of dropship ecommerce to anyone wanting to start an online store. It has guided storefront website builders and marketing tools to build your online store. To fill your store, it provides U.S.-made products that can be customized for your audience, and are shipped within 48-hours. Once you build your store, you send customers to your site, and GearLaunch will take and fulfill the orders for you. Finally, GearLaunch has an in-house customer service team to insure customer satisfaction and loyalty.


What kind of business can you build

With GearLaunch you can offer products alongside a business you offer, such as t-shirts with your business logo. Or you can build a brand new business, creating and designing customized products*. It’s dropship options include phone cases, totes, clothing, posters, pillows, and drinkware.

Who is GearLaunch good for?

GearLaunch is ideal for the beginning entrepreneur, or someone who doesn’t want to piece-meal together an ecommerce store. It offers a turn-key way to build and fill an online store. It’s designed to be easy to use, so even people without a lot of tech savvy can use the tools. According to GearLaunch, it’s typical merchants include lifestyle entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms or residents of rural areas where traditional opportunities are limited.

How much can be made with GearLaunch

Like any other entrepreneurial effort, what you can make using GearLaunch’s services will depend on the product(s) you design and your ability to get it to a market. It appears you’d have the ability to set your prices, as long as it exceeds the base price. For example, if you want to sell a phone case, the base price for an iPhone 5 slim case is $20, so you’d add your profit margin to that.

GearLaunch is flexible enough for the home-based entrepreneur who is looking to make a few extra bucks, to anyone hoping to build a business that earns a living (or more). According to GearLaunch, many of their ecommerce owners run small businesses in their spare time, while others have built larger businesses earning 6 and 7 figures**.

What does GearLaunch Cost?

According to the GearLaunch website, you can start for free, and still have access to all the platform features, resources and support. How can it do that? GearLaunch makes it’s money, like many ecommerce resources, by taking a portion of money made from the sale of the products.

How to Get Started with GearLaunch

If opening an online store sounds intriguing, you can check out GearLaunch’s information video:

To get started with GearLaunch, a work-from-home entrepreneur must simply:

1.       Log in to GearLaunch to create an account.

2.      Choose your customizable products, selecting the ones targeted to your customer.

3.       Use GearLaunch’s digital marketing tools to begin selling.

4.       Work with GearLaunch’s online training tools and merchant support team to fine tune and scale business operations.

For more help, you can view GearLaunches other instructional videos, or contact GearLaunch’s help team

*You can design your own products; however, you can’t make products with copyrighted or trademarked phrases or images without the owner’s approval.
**Neither WAHS nor GearLaunch can guarantee you’ll make this income.

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