Simple Tips for Email Marketing That Works

Simple Tips for Email Marketing that Works

There is plenty of research that supports the fact that email marketing is an effective way to grow your client base for your work-at-home business. But the concept of list building can be a bit overwhelming. This article will break it down into simple, actionable tips that you can start using today.

How do you get people on your list?

One of the best and most effective ways is to provide them with a juicy, free offer that’s interesting enough to make them want to give you their email address and hear more from you.

But what should your free offer be?

Many people get stuck here and just never move forward.

Here are some easy tips to help you create your freebie:

  • Know your target market and the problems that you solve for them.
  • Make a list of those problems or commonly asked questions
  • Choose just one topic, or pain point, from that list and solve it with your free offer.
  • Decide on a medium that works best for you and your market. Ex: report, audio, video, ecourse, template, checklist

Once you get a great free offer with an optin box up on your website and people are happily signing up for it, what’s next?

Well, you don’t want to stop there.

You want to regularly communicate with the people on your list so that you can stay top of mind for when they need your services or products. How often you write is really up to you and what you can commit to. For you, that might be once a week or twice a month. Whatever works, just be consistent about it.

What do you email them?

This is the bigger question that I’m asked all the time.

Here is a list of ideas you can use if you’re not sure what to email your list:

  • Your latest blog post
  • Tips or how-to’s for a particular problem your clients face
  • Industry news
  • Sale or discount that you’re offering just for subscribers
  • Update readers on your products or services, or any new happenings in your business
  • Answer frequently asked questions found in groups and forums of your target market
  • Reader survey or poll
  • Case study on one of your clients–share the results they had from working with you
  • Interview someone in your target market industry
  • Post or review on tools, apps or software that will save your readers time and/or money

The ultimate goal with email marketing is to provide value, establish the know, like and trust factor, and remind subscribers that you can solve their problems with your services or products.

Take some of the tips above and get started on email marketing today, and reach more clients! Let us know what actions steps you’re taking in the comments below.

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