Start Working At Home Today


There are people who’ve been in contact with me for years about working at home. They are eager and excited to get started. They have great ideas. Yet for some reason, year after year goes by and they aren’t working at home. Why? They give me many reasons. Not enough time. Not enough money. Not enough support. Timing isn’t right. Not sure what to do next. But if they’d starting doing something the day they made the decision they wanted to work at home, imagine where they could be today.

You can’t decide to work-at-home today and be making a full time income by tomorrow. But you can take 15 minutes or a couple of hours and start the process. Each day you do something will bring you closer to your goal. The more you make excuses and put it off, the longer it will take you to reach your goal. So get started by doing something today!

If you want to work at home, here are some things you can do today, then tomorrow and so on to get started. After each idea, you’ll see how they can help you in either a job, freelance work or a business).

1) Revamp and submit your resume (job)
2) Search job and freelance sites for work (job, freelance)
3) Create a Facebook or LinkedIn profile to promote your skills (job, freelance or business)
4) Create a blog to promote your skills and experience (job, freelance, business)
5) Get a business license (business)
5) Tell your network (Twitter, Facebook etc) about your new product or service (job, freelance, business)
6) Write an article and submit to other websites and blogs (freelance, business)

If you do one thing every day, you’ll move closer each day to reaching your goal. If you started today, imagine how far you’d get by the end of the year (309 days). So don’t wait. Start today!

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