Steps You Need To Take Before Working At Home


Often its the start that stops most people from working at home. There are many decisions to make and things to do that it can get overwhelming or confusing to know where to start. We asked this week’s work-at-home experts to share the steps they think are most important in preparing to work from home.

Steven Dudley

Acts of Evolution LLC.

1)  Understand yourself better than you ever have before.
2)  Understand what you want your journey to look like before you start.
3) Consume specific information and stories from role models, specialists and influences.
4) Start mapping out ideas and rating them.
5) Choose an idea and research – Pick an AH HA idea from above.
6) Discover and construct your idea.
7) Talk to trusted sources and your WHO about your idea constantly.
8) Before you design anything or put any money into your idea at all, convince, sell, and get at least 10 people committed
to your idea.

 Dustyn Ferguson

Dime Will Tell 

Understand your financial situation entirely– Starting your own WAH business is exciting, but going into it without consideration for your financial situation can prove to be disastrous. For
example, make sure the costs of starting your new business won’t interfere with your finances in such a way that will either put you out of business, or worse. It’s a good idea to set aside a weekly and monthly budget that will go into your WAH business. This money should be what is left over after all of your bills are paid for your living expenses.

Know the competition and how you will do better– I’ve seen tons of people go into a business thinking it will be easy. It’s not. To really succeed (and ultimately, thrive), you’ll want to map out the competition and see what you can do significantly better. As a good rule of thumb, if you can’t offer a product or service that is not at least twice as good as everyone else, you should reconsider your idea. If you do find an idea that is significantly better, then go all in! Well, after you get your finances in order of course.

Nikki Henry

Ladies Leading Ladies 

Create a dedicated work space in your home – To have a chance to be successful at home, you have to have a dedicated work space. It is crucial to separating your work and your life, which trust me is NECESSARY for your sanity!

Only do work in that space so that your mindset is clear when you walk into your office that it’s work time. Try to keep that space free from distractions like TV, etc.

Also, try to not do work in areas that are meant for resting like your bed or your couch. It makes it hard for your mind to shut off when you are trying to rest and recharge. Do your best to avoid work/life confusion, you’ll thank me later!

Work out a schedule for uninterrupted time with anyone else in your home– If you live with other people (or pets!), make sure you work out time that it uninterrupted for you to work. If you constantly have your spouse, kids, or roommates popping in while you’re working you’re going to have a very hard time. You need to be able to focus and be respected during your work time. When it’s work time and/or you’re in your work space those in the home need to respect that, so have those conversations early so everyone is on the same page.

Get a COMFY CHAIR –  It sounds silly but trust me, it is important! If you don’t have a comfy chair in your home work space, you will constantly want to move to your couch or your bed. Moving to the place you should be resting, will zap your motivation and open you up to so many distractions. Make the investment so you’re motivated to get into your home work space, it’s worth it!

 Jasmine Ivy

Jasmine Ivy, LLC 

1) Set a highly specific goal for what you want to create in the first six months of your business. Many new entrepreneurs, especially women, will avoid setting a specific goal for fear of failure, but the truth is that you can’t create what you haven’t conceptualized. Having a good handle on what you WANT to create is how you are able to take steps that match up with that vision.

2) Schedule LESS time than you worked in the traditional workplace. I recommend 6 hours MAX daily and a 3-4 day work week. This forces you to prioritize.The 80/20 rule really does apply in entrepreneurship: 80% of your results DO come from 20% of your efforts. You aren’t here to fill time and clock out. You are here to take the highest leverage action possible to create massive momentum in your business.

3) Start with ONE social media platform. Far too often, I see new entrepreneurs trying to be everywhere. Start with your favorite platform and conquer that first. It’s better to put a huge chunk of energy into one thing than to dabble here and there.

Note From Leslie

I’m not highly organized, but I do like a plan. When it comes to working at home, I believe in getting the information you need to start and then plotting out your steps. Gathering information does much more than help you discover the actions you need to take. It also:

  • Helps you understand what you’re doing so you’re less likely to get in trouble. For example, the more you know about legitimate work at home, the less likely you’ll get caught up in a scam.
  • Provides information on challenges you might face so you can anticipate and deal with them.
  • Give you information so you can map out the most direct path to success, to avoid taking the long way to your goal.
  • Educates you on important topics you need to understand or address that you might not know about otherwise.

Not only is researching and learning about working at home crucial to getting started, but also, to maintain success. Even now, over 20 years later, I’m an avid reader and still take online courses in various aspects of business, marketing, and more so I can stay at the top of my game.

There are many methods for keeping up-to-date and educated on the various aspects of working from home. Some of my favorite ways to learn so I can earn are:

  • Books: I rarely go a week without buying or borrowing (from the library) a book that can help me in working at home. I also make use of my Kindle Unlimited subscription to download “free” books on various topics such as tips on specific social media platforms.
  • Online Courses: This last year in particular, I spent a lot of money to learn nitty gritty details about running an online summit, maximizing Pinterest, and more.
  • Online groups: I like to hang out online with others who work-at-home to ask questions and get feedback.

What is an important step you think people need to take before working from home? Let us know in the comments below.

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