Stop the But!

At the Beachpreneur’s Lifestyle Conference, Rachel Martin of discussed how we use excuses to keep us from our goals. I agree with her in that excuses are one of the biggest obstacles to achieving success. In my experience in talking with people who want to work from home, these excuses come in the form of “I’d like to work from home, but…”. They come up with a list of “reasons” why they can’t work from from home. Here are some of the most common ones I hear.

“I’d like to work at home, but there are so many scams.”

“I’d like to work at home, but I need to keep my job.”

“I’d like to work at home, but the economy is too bad.”

“I’d like to work at home, but I can’t find anything I want to do.”

“I’d like to work at home, but I don’t have any money.”

“I’d like to work at home, but I don’t want a business.”

“I’d like to work at home, but I need a set salary.”

“I’d like to work at home, but I need health insurance.” (or benefits)

How many of these have you used? Do you have others?

What if Thomas Edison said, “I’d like to invent the light bulb, but I can’t find the best filament.” (10,000 tries before he found the right one).

What if Abraham Lincoln said, “I’d like to be a public servant, but I suffer from depression and I’ve lost so many times already.”

What if I said, “I would like to work at home, but I’ve been scammed, I hate sales and writing terrifies me.”

You might be thinking, “Yeah well that’s Thomas, Abraham and you, but things are different for me.” Things are different for everyone. I haven’t met anyone who is a success that didn’t overcome challenges and obstacles to reach their goal. And most of them say their biggest challenge was to get out of their own way.

If you’ve been saying you want to work at home, but … it’s time to get rid of the “but” and start putting action toward your goal. Yes, it’s scary. Yes, it’s hard. But success only comes to those who do, not to those who wish.

You have everything you need to succeed at working from home or as Rachel says, you are enough. It’s time to put aside the “buts” and start taking action. You never know what you can achieve until you start trying to achieve it.

What will you do today to move you toward your work-at-home goal?

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