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Work-At-Home Success is excited to share Cathy Alessandra’s work-at-home success story!

What was your first home business and how did you choose this profession?

I started the local newsletter, What’s Up For Kids, from home in 1995. I didn’t choose it – it chose me! It was something lacking in our community, a publication serving parents with things to do and resources for families.

Do you have an exit plan and if so, how important is it to have an exit strategy?

I did not and found myself with a decision to make practically overnight. While none of us start a business with the idea to sell, having an exit strategy at the very minimum in the back of your mind, will allow you to step into greater opportunities if a door opens.

Can you give advice to those who are working from home while working an outside job and taking care of a family?

Learn to say no, and establish firm boundaries. No is a complete sentence. I was a self-professed, no-challenged woman. I wanted to make everyone happy and say YES! But I soon learned that saying yes to some things meant I had to say no to others. I began really looking at each and every opportunity thru my values – and giving a thoughtful yes or no! In addition, boundaries was something I wished I had put into place earlier in my business. It goes along with the yes and no! By drawing firm boundaries, I’m able to juggle what is most important to me!

Who is your biggest influence?

I have many who have influenced me over the years. Mentors, coaches, family members. I would not say there has been one. I guess really it comes down to the values, ethics and motivation my parents instilled in me as a child.

How do you deal with the feelings of isolation or loneliness that many work from home professionals feel once they leave the hustle and bustle of corporate life.

I get out from behind my computer and attend networking events, I schedule time in my calendar for lunch with a friend. I’m a member of a mastermind group. I’m calling clients and make sales calls. Get out and be involved!

What does a typical work-at-home day look like (I’d like to give readers an idea of type and amount of work successful people do.

I work a lot! ☺ I’m at my desk by about 8:30-9am after my morning meditation and journaling time. I’m there until about 3-4pm when I go to the gym. And sometimes I’m back in the evenings. When I’m on deadlines or launching something new, you could find me at my desk for a number of hours. But, I love it!! I love what I do and so for me, it’s exciting to be at my desk! There is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur. Your overall vision of success and how far you want to go will determine the number of hours you must dedicate. I make sales calls, follow up with clients, strategically use social media, check email on a schedule. Every minute counts.

How do you decide what to invest in for your education or personal growth (you can waste a lot of money on info products etc. How do successful people decide what’s worth the money and effort to them.).

I have spent $1000’s over the years – some products and programs great, others left a lot to be desired. I take a hard look at the person selling the product – have they done it? Have they gotten results for their clients? It is a fair price? I ask questions and do my research. I don’t get caught up in the moment or hype, which can be easy to do, but rather give it some careful consideration. If it’s meant to be, it will still work.

What tasks do you outsource?

I outsource this things that are not in my area of brilliance. My bookkeeping, my email newsletters, administrative tasks. I’m good at closing sales and coaching clients. That is my area of brilliance and where I try to spend most of my time.

Think back to your first day as a work from home mom; did you stare at the computer screen frozen in fear? Did you already have a plan of attack? Who was the first person you went to for professional guidance?

I already had a plan of attack. I knew exactly what I needed to do because I’d done my homework.


Cathy Alessandra is the Founder and CEO of Alessandra Media Group LLC, publishing the successful niche magazine, What’s Up For Kids™ serving families in Los Angeles for over 20 years. In 2011, she took her expertise in publishing, marketing and business to launch Today’s Innovative Woman™, creating a niche magazine serving smart, savvy women business owners. Additionally, Cathy hosts the weekly podcast radio show, Innovative Women in Business, interviewing successful women entrepreneurs and has published the #1 Amazon bestseller, Millionaire Moms in the Making and #3 Amazon bestseller, Navigating Entrepreneurship.

Cathy is also the Lifestyle Designer for #YESICAN, a personal development program serving women who are yearning for a bigger, bolder, brighter life, both personally and professionally!

A top rated speaker, Cathy’s charismatic delivery style along with powerful business strategies, valuable life examples and inspirational stories, gives her audiences the tools they need to take action for their success.

Cathy has been featured on, and KFWB news radio in Los Angeles among others. She has received many awards for her work in business as well as receiving the President’s Call to Service Life-Time Achievement award for her philanthropic work including her non-profit organization, Operation Yes I Can that works in conjunction with #YESICAN.

To connect further with Cathy, visit, or on social media at or

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