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Cindy Bidar

I have known Cindy for several years. She’s filled with great ideas and resources, which has been very helpful to me over the years. She’s been on the WAHS podcast and occasionally guest posts as well. So I’m thrilled that she’s sharing

What was your first home business and how did you choose this profession?

Content and copywriting. When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer. I even studied journalism (briefly) in college. But it turns out what I really wanted was to “have written,” not to actually write. So I pretty quickly moved on to “Plan B.”

Do you have an exit plan and if so, how important is it to have an exit strategy?

I do not currently, but it’s definitely on my radar. The older I get, the more I realize how important this is.

Can you give advice to those who are working from home while working an outside job and taking care of a family?

It’s tough. Sacrifices will have to be made, but it is so, so worth it in the end when you can finally quit the day job (If that’s your goal) and work from home full time.

Who is your biggest influence?

My clients. As an online business manager, I work with some of the top Internet marketers, and every new project is a learning opportunity for me. Every day I see one or more of my clients do something that makes the light-bulb go off over my head. I love that!

How do you deal with the feelings of isolation or loneliness that many work from home professionals feel once they leave the hustle and bustle of corporate life.

This has–fortunately–never been an issue for me. I’m very introverted, and am quite content to not leave the house for days at a time. Also, I have many friends in the industry, so my Skype chat is always there for socialization when I need it.

What does a typical work-at-home day look like (I’d like to give readers an idea of type and amount of work successful people do.

It’s longer than you might think. I get up about 5am, and I’m at my desk by 6. I like this time of day for getting lots of stuff done. Most other people aren’t up and around yet, so I can work distraction free. After breakfast (between 9 and noon) I have meetings either by phone or Skype. I generally take 90 minutes for lunch, then more meetings or client work for the afternoon. I take 2 hours or so for dinner and a workout, then spend the evening finishing up projects or organizing tasks for the next day.

How do you decide what to invest in for your education or personal growth (you can waste a lot of money on info products etc. How do successful people decide what’s worth the money and effort to them.).

I don’t buy info products. I’ve probably spent less than $200 in the past 4 years on training materials. I do, however, invest a lot of money $500/month) on coaching and in-person masterminding and industry conferences.

What tasks do you outsource?

As far as business goes, I outsource all bookkeeping and legal stuff. You could also say I outsource housework, home maintenance, and yard work, because my husband does all of those things. As for client work, I have a team of VAs who handle everything from research to website installations to social media management, so my job as the business owner these days is largely just delegating and talking to clients.

Think back to your first day as a work from home mom; did you stare at the computer screen frozen in fear? Did you already have a plan of attack? Who was the first person you went to for professional guidance?

I’m not a mom. 🙂 But no, I didn’t stare at the screen with nothing to do. I already had a full client roster, so making the transition from full-time job to full-time business was pretty smooth.

The first person I ever turned to for professional guidance was Kelly McCausey. She’s a super smart marketer and a great friend, and I still count on her to give me rock solid advice (and a good kick in the pants) from time to time.

Cindy Bidar has been solving tech problems and helping build online businesses since 2010. She enjoys digging in behind the scenes to integrate software and improve the customer experience, and loves to work with creative entrepreneurs to help improve their businesses. She blogs at Digital Business Managers and can be found on , Twitter, and LinkedIn.



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