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I’ve long thought there is much to learn from other people’s experiences, which is why I started posting these success stories. A big thank you to Daryl Urbanski for sharing his story and tips on how to be a work-at-home success!

What was your first home business and how did you choose this profession?

I’ve always wanted to be self employed ever since I was a kid. I had a paper route, lemonade stand, sold 50/50 tickets… babysat.. shoveled snow off driveways.. all sorts of stuff as a kid.

 Do you have an exit plan and if so, how important is it to have an exit strategy?

I don’t really have an exit plan for this business I’m in as it’s about my knowledge, skillset and expertise. As i get older I only grow wiser, am a better marketer and businessman. I am involved in a couple of client businesses which have exit strategies but that’s dependent on establishing our SOPs and some key automated systems.

This is a question that comes down to personal philosophy. If you’re likely to want to leave and move onto the next project, then you definitely want an exit plan. However if you’re like me, and always plan to work bcs you love what you do – then an exit strategy isn’t as important as making sure your business serves your lifestyle and you’re not a slave to your business. For advice and tips on exits my goto is Steph Sharp:

How To Sell Your Business: 17 Types Of Billion & Million Dollar Exits – With Steph Sharp

 Can you give advice to those who are working from home while working an outside job and taking care of a family?

You won’t succeed doing your business as a part time business. When I was getting started this was probably one of the best pieces of advice I was given. You have to invest full time hours, or find someone who can, to make your business grow. If you invest full time hours into a single goal it is difficult to fail. With full time hours you will make progress over the months and years.

But most part time businesses don’t go very far because they don’t get enough energy and focus to lift off or gain any traction. Aside from this, my next advice would be to focus on sales and your sales process.. Creating a steady and consistent lead flow & volume of sales week after week, month after month. Why? Well, anyone who drives a car could be a taxi driver… Theoretically speaking.. So why do people work for cab companies and Uber? Because they have the phone people call when they’re willing to spend money to be driven around. They are in a ‘toll booth’ position. They have the customers. If you have the customers then you can hire & train help to do almost everything else.

Who is your biggest influence?

This needs to be more specific to give you a direct answer.. I have a ton of influences and role models.. but each in a different area for a different cause.

How do you deal with the feelings of isolation or loneliness that many work from home professionals feel once they leave the hustle and bustle of corporate life?

I reach out and connect with people. I go to the gym every day, am part of a Crossfit box which has a great community.. Call friends & family often.. Maintain a list of ‘Top 25 VIPs” I proactively email, call, send postcards or text messages to every 21 days.

I understand life is about the journey and not the destination.. Am willing to sacrifice money for quality of life, time with family or for love. Thankfully am at the point where my income easily covers my living expenses and am not a materialistic or lavish person.. So I’ll take 2 weeks to go to mexico or a week to spend with a loved one when it feels right or life calls me.. Vs how I was when I was younger… when I locked the world away to focus on business goals & growth.

What does a typical work-at-home day look like (I’d like to give readers an idea of type and amount of work successful people do.

I wake up 5:30-5:50am. Put on gym clothes. Have a protein shake, take my supplements. Drive to the 6:30am Crossfit class.. On the way there I meditate or chant or sing.. I like to chant or sing because it helps open my lungs up. Then 6:30-7:30am I workout.. On the drive home I listen to an audio book or language tapes. Shower, shave, get dressed for work. Sit down, eat breakfast.. Do my 5min journal. This has me writing 3 things I’m grateful for, 3 goals for the day and some sort of affirmation. Then at 9am my team comes online.
I meet with my assistant and we schedule my entire day in 30min blocks. I take my 3 goals for the day and try to focus on them first. Like to keep my appointments to after
2pm when I’m not as productive myself.
At this point I’ve eaten, meditated, learned something, worked out, showered & dressed.. All I need to do is eat a couple more times, focus on my 3 goals for the day and fight to stay on schedule.
Doesn’t always work.. but more often than not I get a lot accomplished. “Never begin your day until you finish it on paper.” — Jim Rohn.

I typically work 5-6 days a week. 6-12 hours per day.. Depends on how I’m feeling. I’ve been getting better with taking weekends off.. But at the same time, love what I do so it often doesn’t feel like work.

How do you decide what to invest in for your education or personal growth (you can waste a lot of money on info products etc. How do successful people decide what’s worth the money and effort to them.).

I buy what I need to l hybearn to move my current projects 1 step forward.. Or things which interest me and come recommended by friends, mentors or people who’s opinions I trust.

What tasks do you outsource?

Everything I can. My greatest successes have come when I was leading a team of people I empowered to do their best work. The less I do the more successful I am because I know what needs to be done, what it should smell like and what to watch out for. You’ll never be able to delegate the marketing or money management 100% but you can get a lot of help with them and only supervise.. Just be careful. “You get what you inspect.”

Think back to your first day as a work from home professional; did you stare at the computer screen frozen in fear? Did you already have a plan of attack? Who was the first person you went to for professional guidance?

I always have mentors, role models and a network of like-minded individuals for support. I think it was just a normal work day, except I worked from home.

“Daryl Urbanski, Founder and President of, is best known for his ability to create seven-figure, automated income streams from scratch. A Canadian turned So Cal, Daryl has quickly climbed the entrepreneurial ladder, gaining respect from thousands of small business owners worldwide. From author to speaker, marketer to coach – Daryl’s multi-faceted business approach sets him apart as one of the leading business experts of his generation.”

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