Summer Home Business Ideas


Looking to make a few extra bucks this summer? Or maybe you want to replace your “job” and work from home full time. Here are some great businesses you can start this summer.

House Sitting: It’s flexible around a regular job and pays $20 to $50 a night depending on what’s involved.

Pet Sitting: It’s flexible around a regular job and pays $10 to $20 per day depending on the amount of work involved.

Photographer: Summer is the time for weddings and reunions. Photographers can earn as much as $10,000 to $20,000 for a wedding!

Caterer: Weddings, reunions, business picnics and more all need someone to prepare and serve food.

Party Planner: Reunions, weddings, birthdays and other parties are popular during the summer.

Landscaping: Many people want nice yards, but don’t have the know-how or interest to do it themselves.

Handy Man: Summer time is a great time to take care of home fix-it projects. It’s also a popular time to sell and buy homes, which often creates a need for someone to make repairs.

Tutoring: Summer is a great time to help students catch up and prepare for the upcoming school year.

Staring a home based service business requires knowledge and experience, and a desire to help people. Many of the businesses listed above don’t cost much to start. In fact, once you get your business license, you can network with your friends, family and people you know to find work, saving on marketing expenses. Finally, many of these business ideas can continue beyond the summer months.

For more information on a variety of summer home business ideas, check out this article on Six Summer Home Business Ideas at

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