Survey Results: What You Want from Work-At-Home Success


Thank you to everyone who took the year-end survey to let me know what you like and what you want more of at Work-At-Home Success in 2012. Below are the results, some of which surprised me.

Where are you in your work-at-home journey?
I’ve always thought that the majority of the visitors to Work-At-Home Success were at the very beginning of their work-at-home journey, but the results, which admittedly are only a small sampling of people, indicated that more of you have started up the path already. Only 10 percent indicated they were just starting, while 24.5 percent indicated they had some ideas but hadn’t yet gotten started and 26.5 percent indicated they had started working at home, but weren’t yet a “success”. Ten percent indicated they were successfully working at home.

How did you find Work-At-Home Success?
The vast majority of you (60%) found Work-At-Home Success through a search engine. This is twice as much as indicated by analytics, which reports 30 percent of my traffic comes from search engines. Twenty percent found me through articles I posted on other sites and 10 percent were referred from a friend (Here’s a big thank you to those of you who refer Work-At-Home Success to others!). Eight percent found me through PR, while very few came from Facebook (2%) and Twitter (0%). Some people chose “Other” and indicated they found the site through my book, The Work-At-Home Success Bible, a webinar or teleseminar I did for another site, a magazine and If you have a business, collecting these types of stats is important because it can tell you where to spend time or money on marketing. Clearly SEO and articles are areas I need to focus on and less so on social networking.

What features do you like best about Work-At-Home Success?
The most popular feature at Work-At-Home Success are the job announcements (80%). Fifty-six percent reported liking home business information best (btw…the percents don’t add to 100 because people could choose more than one response). Nearly 50 percent indicated they liked the scam alerts, and podcasts (12%) and videos (15%) were lowest on the list.

What would you like to see more of at Work-At-Home Success in 2012
The response to this question wasn’t surprising, except in relation to question number one. While only 34 percent indicated they were just beginning their work-at-home journey or had ideas but hadn’t started to pursue them, a whopping 81 percent wanted more work-at-home jobs. Forty-nine percent wanted more home business information and 28 percent said they wanted more webinars. Fifteen percent reported wanting more videos, nearly 12 percent want more podcasts and only 10 percent want teleseminars. Some people chose the “other” option and wrote in wanting more data entry, entry-level bookkeeping and non-phone customer service. Another person asked for material for people over 50.

Do you have any feedback or suggestions not covered in this survey?
About half of the respondents provided written feedback. Most had to do with work-at-home jobs and their restrictions (i.e. location) and benefits. One suggestion had to do with group interaction while another wanted to be able to Skype for direct contact and support. Others wanted more home business ideas and others wanted more video. One indicated the site was difficult to navigate, which I’m working on now.

Do you have a testimonial about Work-At-Home Success I can post on the site?
Several of you provided a testimonial, which I’ll be adding to the site shortly. I appreciate these so much, not just because it helps new visitors feel good about the site, but I like hearing how the site has helped others.

What does it all mean for 2012. I’m still working on that, but here are my thoughts so far.
1) More jobs
2) More videos
3) Webinars … not having done these before, I’m researching the best options.
4) More home business ideas/profiles

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