Surviving Work-At-Home Setbacks


A week ago, there was an attempt to hack into my website. Fortunately, the attack was unsuccessful, but my host suggested that I add extra security, which I did, and immediately all my sites went down. It took most of the day to get it back up and working.

Yesterday, I installed a new theme to test it, and within hours, my home page was blank. I’m back up, but not without issues. Sometimes the sidebar isn’t showing the right widgets. Today, I kept getting the mobile version of the site even though I was on my PC. It’s appearing correctly for me now in Chrome, but not in Firefox or Explorer.

During your work-at-home journey and even when you’re successfully working at home, stuff will happen. Bad stuff. Annoying stuff. People won’t buy from you. Employers won’t hire you. Your website or blog will go wonky. And it will happen that you teeter on the edge of giving up. But if you’re going to have the work-from-home lifestyle, you need to forge on through the setbacks, disappointments and tech disasters. Here’s are tips to keepin’ on keepin’ on:

1) Stop and take a breath. The immediate reaction is agitation, worry, anger, frustration and more. The problem with these feelings is that they can make it hard to take care of business and get you back on track.

2) Take action. Action is the best medicine for fixing any problem. For example, with my site, I’ve done web searches to find solutions and poked around my website trying to figure out what’s not working.

3) Get help. Sometimes you can fix it yourself, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. I’ve contacted my webhosts, and now, realizing I may need to pay someone to fix my issue, I’m on the phone with GeekSquad to help me find an old email of my tech guy that is stored on a back-up drive created by GeekSquad.

4) It’s okay to scream or cry. You don’t want to let your emotions stop you from taking action, but sometimes it’s better to release them instead of stuffing them.

5) Recognize that you can only do what you can do. I’ve come to face the fact that at the moment the site is wonky and as a result I maybe losing readers (and money). All I can do is continue to try to find solutions until I get it up and running again.

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