The Secret to Blogging Success


There are many reasons to choose blogging as a work-at-home option. It’s affordable to start.  It’s easy. And you can create a blogging business based on your interests or passions.  But that doesn’t mean blogging doesn’t take work. There is no blogging-push-button-automatic-money-machine. Like any venture, blogging is a business that takes planning and implementation.

There are several reasons why bloggers fail to make money, but one of the significant ones is that they spend too much time on the format, appearance and content of the blog and not enough reaching out to get readers.

The secret to success in blogging is…


If people don’t come to your blog, they won’t click on your offers and don’t create traffic numbers that entice businesses to advertise with you. If you don’t have traffic, you don’t have income.

So while having an attractive and easy to navigate site with great content is important, a significant part of the blogging job is to get people to read it. The way to get people to read it is to have a marketing plan. To create your plan:

1) Learn about your market. Visit Yahoo Answers and online forums related to your topic to find out what people are asking questions about. What are their concerns, issues, problems, tips etc?

2) Write content based on what people want to read.

3) Let people in your market know that your blog has answers their burning questions. There are many ways to do this including social networking, participating in forums, writing articles etc. Choose several marketing strategies, implement them on a regular basis. Track which ones bring people to your site and which ones don’t. Tweak the ones that don’t work and if they still don’t work, get rid of them and try something else.

Blogging for money is all about getting people to read what you’re writing. It takes time and effort to find the people and get them to your site. It’s not a one-time effort either. Blog marketing goes hand-in-hand with writing content, and the other tasks involved in running a profitable blog.

Work-At-Home Success offers two great blogging resources. Blogging for Bucks through Work-At-Home Success University is a four week email course that takes you step-by-step in getting started as a blogger. Or Profit Blog Blueprint which not only gets you started, but delivers monthly blogging ideas, PLR content, and reports and tools to enhance your blog.

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