Thinking Vs. Doing


How long have you been thinking about working at home? Maybe you’ve even done some research and planning. But until you actually do something — and by something I mean take action on tasks that will make money — you’re not going to get anywhere.

That’s not to say that thinking, as well as research and planning aren’t important. But these activities are designed to move you to the doing the phase. You’ve researched biz ops, now it’s time to pick one and get started. You’ve learned about telecommuting jobs, now it’s time to create a resume and send it out.

Some people fool themselves into believing that by thinking about working at home, they are making progress to achieving that goal. But work-at-home success is achieved only through doing. You don’t need every aspect planned or to know every thing there is to know to get started. In fact, some very successful work-at-home professionals I know jumped in with very little planning or knowledge. What they had was enthusiasm and a willingness to take action.

So if you’re suffering from analysis paralysis, it’s time to switch your thinking/planning activities to doing activities. Make a list of all the tasks needed to get started on your work-at-home journey whether it’s writing a resume, buying a domain name, or calling that first potential customer. Then work your way through your list. Do it now!

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