Top Apps For the Work At Home Professional


These days there are apps for everything! From checking the weather to catching up on the news, apps run our lives (or so it seems)! There’s no doubt that apps have made our lives, and working at home easier (and sometimes harder). We asked our work-at-home experts to share their top apps for working at home.

Max Robinson


Toggl: Toggl is a time tracker app, and is a great app to use for anyone who works at home and finds it hard to be productive. It goes beyond a standard time tracking app as you can easily create different projects to track depending on what you’re working on, plus Toggl provides you with loads of useful reports which give you a breakdown on how you’ve been spending your time. It’s extra useful if you need to prove to a boss that you’ve worked a certain amount of time too, as you can simply add them as a user.

Shannon Molnar

AllyBeth Design Co 

As a WAH professional, I swear by the app ‘Productive’ both for my personal life and for my WAH professional life. It’s a simple, not frills app that helps you maintain daily routines so you don’t let behind. Integral for when things get so busy they feel out of control, but simple enough to check in with. Load your routine tasks in (whether daily, once a week, every second Tuesday, etc) and swipe when you’ve complete them. It has been life save for those weeks business tasks that normally get forgotten when things get crazy!

Rebecca Safier

Remote Bliss 

When you work from home, it’s easy to get distracted by errands, cleaning, or that newly-released show you want to binge-watch on Netflix.

Fortunately, there’s an app for everything these days, including beating procrastination and boosting productivity.

Focus and BaTo.Life are great tools for blocking distracting websites. If you spend too much time scrolling Facebook or Reddit threads, these apps can help you set boundaries and limit your time on these websites.

Checky is another helpful tool for limiting your phone usage. It tells you how often you’re checking your phone, helping you become more aware of your habits so you can change them. After all, if you find out you’ve checked your phone 150 times in an hour, it’s sure to be a wakeup call.

Finally, the Finish app is a great tool for prioritizing tasks and managing your time. It organizes your work into time frames and notifies you when a deadline is approaching. If you’re struggling with procrastination, the Finish app could help you get back on track.

Anna Osgoodby

Bold & Pop 

One of my favorite apps is Asana. The project management app has been a game changer for my business and our organization and truly the best investment we’ve made. Even as someone who swore up and down I’d never go digital when it came to my planner. With all of the functions within the app though I couldn’t say no. It allows me to create daily to-do lists, keep track of where we’re at on projects, organize brainstorm sessions, and it easily syncs to Google calendar and other apps.

Marina Pilipenko


Time tracking is really important for managing remote employees. We are using actiTIME. It helps us to control deadlines and estimates, to improve planning and to stay within budget.

Simple project management or roadmap software is also crucial. We chose Aha! and are very satisfied with it. It streamlines the process and decrease the number of delays.

actiPLANS  helps us to control absences. Employees can easily plan online their vacations and times off. I can see all scheduled absences on one interface and use this information for planning.

Ben Taylor


The app that helps me most every day is really old-school and really unglamorous! It’s Microsoft Outlook, linked to Office 365! The calendar and task functionality organises all of my home working business tasks and my life beyond work. My wife (another home worker) and I send meeting requests to each other all the time relating to personal appointments, childcare and conference calls when we mustn’t be disturbed.

Using something like Outlook to its fullest capability, and sharing it via the cloud, means always being on top of everything that’s going on, and not forgetting anything.

Paula Holsberry

Tessera Virtual Business Solutions 

1. Trello – I not only use Trello to keep all my projects managed well, but I also use it to collaborate with my teammates. After email, it is the first open each morning. I love the visual aspect and the simplicity of the app, but I also love that it can expand to meet my needs for more
complicated tasks.

2. Google Drive – Collaboration is key when you work virtually with a team. No doubt what is created by one should be able to be used by all. A doc can be improved upon and ready for the finished product in half the time that sharing a doc through email would be.

3. Slack – I love Slack because it is quick and efficient. I can connect with a team member or members in real time for quick answers to questions. No more waiting for email.

Note from Leslie:

My favorite apps are tools that automate tasks or help keep me organized on my computer and through my phone or other device. My faves are:

Tailwind: The more I use Tailwind, the more I love it. It has more than tripled my Pinterest results to make Pinterest the number one traffic source for WAHS.

HootSuite: For all other social media scheduling, including Instagram, I use Hootsuite. Not only can I schedule post, but also easily share content from other sites through the browser Hootlet, engage with others through streams, and make sure I see the posts of people I like to follow.

Trello: Through Trello, I keep track of all my workflows and projects. Not only do I use it for my work, but also with a volunteer group I’m part of.

Google Keep: I used to use Evernote to keep track of stuff. But I like Google’s Keep more visual interface that in many ways is similar to Pinterest in that you have Post-It like notes to keep track of whatever you want. I have “Notes” that have all my affiliate access links, links to my online courses, resources I want to check out for later, tools (i.e. link shorteners, cover creators, etc) and more. You can create checklists as well, so when I have a launch, I use it to keep track of to-dos.

Do you have a favorite app to help you work from home?

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