Top online tutoring platforms where you can start making money-TODAY

Guest Post by Troy Berkerey

Teachers, tutors, and the whole education community are constantly looking for new alternatives to improve teaching methods and look for alternatives for a better, inclusive, and a more fructiferous way to educate the tech-dependent generations. Each individual’s intrinsic or extrinsic motivation will help them look for the proper tools to tackle the most difficult times or challenges when it comes to providing the best learning experience for their students and perhaps, to earn a more keen reward afterwards.

This article will inform and invite readers and tutors from all around the globe to try these top tutoring platforms which, if they have a stable internet connection at home, they could easily sign up and start earning money starting from day one! You might have heard of the expression nothing good comes easy, but with these platforms, there might be a way around it, and who doesn’t love to earn some extra cash and the best part, earn real money right away! Especially in these times where most countries in the world have been sentenced to an immediate house-lockdown.

Skooli – Instant online math tutoring – anytime, anywhere

To begin from the top, there is Skooli is a math online tutoring platform, if you are a number genius and you have the right tools to help others on any math-level equation, then Skooli is definitely your number 1 choice. How it works is pretty simple: first, you sign up with your personal email account, then you must fully create your tutor profile (they advise on how to add a proper video profile about you), and finally set your profile to available (keep in mind to set a real-time availability and that the more available time you set, the more likely you´ll be first selected as a tutor). There are three ways to be selected as a tutor, there is Instant Session which helps students immediately connect with a tutor;  Ahead of time Request which matches students with tutors based on a scheduled time, and lastly Multi tutor request for those topics where you need more hands on deck. To sum it up to the earnings and according to the site´s policies, tutors earn $25 per hour, and once they have added $100 it can be cashed out. So all you need is 4 tutoring sessions to earn money right away! – Instant online tutoring

The second site is is an online tutoring platform that offers an instant 1 to 1 tutoring session available 24/7. Students can get connected to an online tutor in a short span, and their platform is designed to easily share many things such as audio, video, screenshots, and others. To sign up as a tutor, you need an email or Facebook account, then you must set up your profile with proof of the subjects that you master, and afterwards you´ll be all ready to enter their huge networks of tutors from qualified universities. It’s on their site´s policies that tutors can earn $16 for every successful tutoring session (with bonuses included), and payment will be given at the end of every week. So dust of your degrees, set up a competitive resume and sign up for the opportunity to earn extra greens on this platform!

Studypool – Microtutoring Get help with homework questions from verified tutors 24/7 on demand

They say the third time’s the charm, Studypool is an online micro-tutoring platform that connects students with highly qualified tutors from all around the globe. The platform offers a high variety of subjects for students to choose from and anyone interested in tutoring on this platform can easily create an account. As a tutor you simply need to submit a picture proof of yourself, a resume, fill in your profile, and complete a quick assessment to evaluate your skills and mastership on the subject(s) of your desired tutoring. Students could also sign in free-of-charge, and as soon as they create an account, they can post the question(s) on the subject(s) that they need help with, and the best part is that this microtutoring service is also available 24/7. Studypool offers a bidding system for tutors, so each tutor could offer a real-time span for answering the student´s questions. Students are able to quickly dive into the tutor´s resume and choose the proper tutor for help. As questions could go for a little as $3 to as high as $400, and it also gives the opportunity for video tutoring sessions, Studypool offers the possibility to earn as much as $7,500 monthly (it’s right there on their website). A very aggressive way to charm tutors and students from all around the globe! 

Wyzant – Learn on your terms from an expert tutor.

Wyzant is an online 1 to 1 tutoring platform offers to book a tutor for the questions that you have on a specific subject. Now, here’s where you’ll put your skills to the test: the more competitive your resume is, the more likely you´ll be adequately selected as a tutor to meet the student’s needs; secondly, their whiteboard platform creates a very interactive tutoring session with the student, but it’s very time-dependent: I’ll reiterate on how prepared you have to be to make sure your tutoring session must be correctly timed to it finish at an hour, as each hour is being charged and it will solely depend on the student to determine whether or not he or she is willing to continue (or pay for) a 2-3 hour tutoring session. So to wrap things up, if you think you are more than prepared to provide a very accurately timed tutoring session, then Wyzant is definitely your choice! It’s right there on their site policies that tutors can earn from $23 to $60 per session!

Brainfuse – Online Tutoring

And last, but not the least, founded a great while ago, Brainfuse is a 1 to 1 tutoring platform with many tools to ease up tutoring. Note that to become a tutor in this platform you have to submit an email with your resume to the email address, if they need you and you are selected they’ll contact you on a short span. You can get hired as a tutor with at least a bachelor’s degree in a particular subject. Brainfuse offers tutoring on three segments: the first one is Live Help, this enables to connect and chat with a student, and if he or she doesn´t like a live session then the student can just submit the question and the tutor gets on board working with it; secondly there is Tutor Match, where a student schedules a session with a tutor and if your schedule matches the student´s availability well, there you go; and lastly, there is Writing Lab, whereas if your passion is correcting papers and leaving comments then you´re in the right spot! Though to get the full experience, it will require your computer skills to be sharp, as it offers the opportunity for tutors to contribute or invest their spare time on creating different tutoring material such as videos, courses, flashcards, or even more. Tutors get paid $10 per 1-hour session and they have an option to pay you $7 if the student doesn’t show up! Payment can even be sent to you by check or bank deposit with a small-time wait of 2 weeks!

So in summary, these are 5 online platforms where you can start earning money from day one. Some might take a few days to provide you with the desired payment but hey, who doesn’t love to earn an extra paycheck on your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment day? This could be a great opportunity to double, triple, or to multiply that income. So don’t get bummed by the idea of staying quarantined or having to look for a made-up excuse to busy yourself, reset your weekly goals, sign up today to any of these platforms, and start making extra money-TODAY!

Have you worked on any of these platforms before? Share your experience in the comments!

About the author-

Troy Berkerey is the head communications manager at Studypool. An ambassador for leadership and successful teams, he’s helped grow multiple start-ups from the ground up.

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