Top Ten Ways to have a Successful Home Based Business!


Guest Post from Tommy Pavia

Here are Ten Sure-Fire Ways to make sure you have a Successful Home Based Business!

1.) Know Your Goals = It sounds obvious but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met and trained who just don’t know what they want. Typically, they can only tell me what they don’t want. That’s not good enough. YOU need to know with crystal clarity that what you are pursuing can be explained in vivid detail! Not just company Goals – But specific Goals that paint a picture in your mind! The example I’ll use here is the ATM. Many of us in the Home based Business arena are looking to impact people with great products and services and in addition, earn a great deal of wealth. One of my very detailed Visuals was to look at something I use often. In this case I’ll use the ATM. I see the ATM as my personal money machine. Specifically, I would visualize me going to the ATM and seeing my balance always in the seven figure range (Usually over $10 million) and each time I would return to the ATM I would see the money increasing even though I used the ATM to take money from my account. This is a very specific visual picture tied to my very specific goal – Financial Independence. What’s yours?

2.) Develop a Sense of Urgency = As I write this article the Tampa Bay Bucs are beating the Seattle Seahawks 17-3. Seattle is faced with a 4th and one yard situation…. What do you think they decided to do? Yup, you got it – they are going for it! It’s not difficult to understand – they need to go for it because they realize as a team that if they do not take EVERY CHANCE they can than “it’s over!” Developing a Sense of Urgency is doing just that – Realizing that if you do not use EVERY POSSIBILITY  EVERY AVAILABLE RESOURCE to Prepare for Performance the way you REALLY can…. Eventually, your chance will be gone! Did YOU catch that? Tomorrow is NOT promised! Create a Sense of Urgency in your life and your business and keep this in mind: “A sense of urgency is NOT a sense of panic! Create an excitement around your sense of urgency and break it into 3 week campaigns. These are good “time chunks” to see a pattern of behavior in your business and get great results!

3.) Get Emotionally Connected = Not enough people get emotionally connected to their goals! Sure they want to achieve them – BUT there isn’t always this BURNING DESIRE to see it achieved because it “MEANS SO MUCH!” Well, does it? Do your goals & dreams have a burning desire behind them? What will it really mean if you do not achieve them? Surely, it may not be fatal BUT if there isn’t a substantial amount of PAIN associated with NOT achieving them then I submit that they aren’t serious goals. Are YOU Connected?

4.) Track Your Progress = Hey, you keep score during competition why aren’t you keeping score in relation to how well you are doing in your business? Does that make sense? Hey, don’t get me wrong,  I am not saying beat yourself up! Tracking your progress is nothing more than looking for what you are doing well & areas you may need to adjust. Try keeping a Business Journal – It will help you keep track and stay focused! Often it helps in raising confidence for the things you are doing well in your business and gives you added clarity for the things you need to do!

5.) Make Adjustments = Throughout my childhood I would notice as a young athlete that if YOU did not sulk, kick the dirt and even throw a tantrum or two…. You really didn’t care! That’s a bunch of garbage! Certainly, I believe their should be a level of Healthy Dissatisfaction for a job that is less than your best, however, I do not believe in “Beating yourself up!” I have a saying with my son (10yrs. old – wrestler & football player) “Don’t get frustrated…. Don’t Beat yourself up, just make the adjustment!” The only thing YOU get good at when you beat yourself up is….

“Beating Yourself up!” It produces negativity, a poor self-worth and ultimately sabotages your greatest performances! This is obviously true in your Successful Home Based Business as well. Be truthful but don’t FOCUS on just the things that aren’t going “Right.” It boils down to this… “What Adjustments are YOU making?” You’ll find the answers will lead to successful results and successful results in business usually mean profitable one’s.

6.) Seek Counsel = Way too often we hear behind the Mega-Successful People that they were “Self-Made.” I got news for you…. There is no such thing! Whether your inspiration comes from someone in history that wrote a book or some mentor who said one thing to you – We are constantly being shaped by others and their ideas. So, Seek the Counsel – The Wise Counsel of “Good People” who’ve “been there and done that!” Find yourself some mentors that you can keep in touch with and ask them questions about their difficulties, attitudes, triumphs, disappointments and their greatest take-aways from their experiences. Keep a pen and pad handy and write down what is potentially helpful. You’ll find a “Goldmine” of help and who knows they may be the one who helps you become the next “Self-made…..Ooops…. Strike that – “The Next Successful Business Person that eventually becomes someone else’s Mentor!

7.) Guard Your Thinking = Everyone has an Opinion – Lots of People mean well and want to Coach you and add to your Success. Some, however, are just not qualified to help. Keep your mind and your thoughts PROTECTED! There are also people who are just plain ole’ Negative and they will drain you of your Passion to Perform at the Highest level! Stay away and remember this proverb…. “The Wise walk among the wise and the fools with fools!” Choose which one makes best sense for your success and your future!

8.) Enjoy the Process = It’s really simple! Enjoy the fact that YOU are really unique in that very few people would choose to pursue what you are pursuing – Your Goals & Dreams. Please do yourself, your mind and your body a favor…. Let yourself experience the joy of the hard work, the sacrifice, the exceptional focus, the discipline and everything else that comes with “Getting After your goals & dreams!” Like I said, “It’s really simple….Just not Easy!”

9.) Develop Routines that help YOU Master Performance = Creating before you get to work. Routines like Brainstorming. Warm-ups, Action Steps, Visualization drills, etc. have all proven to increase Performance levels for people in Business. Having Solid Business Building Routines will also establish great habits for Success. Let’s face it, we live in a Tech World where information overload can sometimes affect the best Home Based Businesses. The key is to make Routines that keep your priorities straight and allow you to strike a balance while you grow your business. For example: Brainstorming in the morning over a cup of coffee vs. Checking Emails; OR Making a list of the top three things you need to take action on the night before (for the following day) vs. Making a “To Do” List on the fly when you start your day! There’s much more but I am sure you get the idea.

10.) Execute = Like Nike says; “Just Do It!” After all of the preparation with the best and proper resources, coaching, and training. The bottom line is YOU will have to see whether your business is successful or not. The biggest key to being able to do this is by developing a sincere desire to “want to” perform in business. Are you growing? Are you adding Value? Are you being profitable? Are you giving back in some way? At the end of the day YOU have to measure how much got done, did you grow the business, is there a new system you implemented to catapult your Successful Home Based Business and are you on track to achieving your goals and dreams? Executing is something you must learn to LOVE! The time to Execute or Get things Done should be where you spend the MOST Time – period! A Successful Home Based Business is still a business! In time you will see as YOU grow and build it how these Ten Ways to have a Successful Home Based Business help you achieve everything you desire! No Hype. You have to Believe! When you do your business it will be well on its way to being highly successful!

Until Next time…

Here’s to your Successful Home Based Business!

Tommy Pavia

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